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Thursday, September 24, 2009

My story

Could not help also Antini surprised when her husband said that he really would leave the country. The truth is since two years ago many times he said it was his wish. Really ngewuhake. How would he be proud when her husband managed to get his doctorate from the famous universities abroad, in such a young age. But how did the heavy burden they have to be separated and clothing when unpredictable distance away, for a long period later? Maybe Antini own husband will not feel it as a big problem, because his insanity practiced in the study so far as to drown the others.

But finally gave up Antini too, and even providing his own support for her husband's departure to overseas. He had three times to see Mbah Ndemo.

"Yeah, you know, Jeng. The fence is necessary. For the safety of us all," said Miss Lady, when I first suggested to Antini to go to smart people. To request a "fence" for her husband who will be released into the distant place.

"But we have to enclose yourself too, you know. That way our defense and security of the stronger, and we do not have to worry about the threat to our unity and integrity, the integrity of our household. Thus we no longer need to worry about the danger of disintegration." Bi Ida lectures so that the radio announcer with artificial style, like an orator in the rain.
"Mas, what will sampeyan not lonely?" Antini asked as he wrapped his hands on her waist.
"Do not worry. I'll have a lot of work and the work to be very effective to kill the loneliness."
"Alaaaaa ... .... Like enggak know aja! Sampeyan Usually when I'm much work, being busy, even the higher voltage it!"
"Szzhxhpmmmffzh ...." They kissed. And Dodi, it Antini husband, now truly hooked. Dibopongnya his wife, brought into the room and recline on the bed. Seeing his wife on his back, Dodi like trance. He began to dance. More precisely, they are. They danced. Like the gods. Dancing, the rhythm of heaven. That usually. That is, their habits. Discussion is always broken, cut off in the middle of the bed.
For them is nonsense that the husband-wife problems will be over in bed. To the question "is" yes. But others are not.
"Um ...."
"Well, right ....?"
"Sampeyan kok said to overcome loneliness. With the busyness, the .... Gombale mukiya!"
"Come on. Do not worry. We're, you have a computer. Later we put the internet. Before leaving, I'll take care of the ISP. With the Internet we will be able to meet any time. Never again worry about loneliness."
Dodipun then left for overseas. And his wife, Antini, still live in housing Asri Estate with her daughter who was a toddler, with a nursery maid, servant, maid, housemaid, or whatever his name, a woman of 50 years who was called Mbok Nem.
First Antini only use the internet facility in the IRC, to chat with her husband, spilling longing, and even more to ensure that the spare time her husband was not going anywhere. But then the new acquaintance can Antini, can more new acquaintances, may again, be again. There are from other continents, some from neighboring countries, but many are also living with Antini sekota. They, Antini new acquaintances, it is lonely people. There is still a virgin who claims there is a claim to a widower, and even some who claim to have a wife but not straightforwardly expressed niyatnya to find a partner having an affair! Of the new acquaintances that knew Antini more and more functions can optimize your internet. Antini even now have their own home page, has more than 5 pieces of e-mail. Antini know now, that the Internet is more and more powerful magic than Cupu Manik Astagina, which supposedly can be used to wander the world, and even to summon the gods, but which then makes Anjani brothers changed intentions so the monkey.
Every day more and more preoccupied with Antini new world. Shared Internet, no day no night, he'll explore the virtual world. World without borders. Now, if he reasonably busy and can not chat with her, Antini be more pleased. Really, really powerful, the Internet was. Only in a matter of months, not even 5 months, has turned into Antini others. Different. Very different with the Mrs Antini Dodi 5 months ago. If at best yesterday, yesterday met only Antini sports tennis, playing golf now, no longer awkward, he?
Middle of the night he sent an e-mail to her husband, said that the next day to visit his parents in Trenggalek there, but early in the morning he left for the airport instead. A gallant man had been waiting for. A moment later, flew Antini. Together with his new god. To heaven! He will dance, like the angel berselendang silk. The gods drunk. And the more Antini trance, like a dancer who left behind a horse jurugambuh lumping him. Will continue to dance. Dancing continues, to death!
When he awoke, screaming Antini softly. He was surprised. Apparently he knew had thrown from heaven. Now he lay in a room of a five-star hotel. On the other cities. With another man. The smell of flowers and the fragrant smell of incense in a dream, or more precisely at the time he possessed dancing before, now no more. What remained was the smell of sweat and Ompol drunk man beside him. Strong.
"Diamput! Mas Dodi would have done well."
Home. Arriving home, the first thing he did was check e-mail. Which he first opened the e-mail at There is an e-mail from someone with the address: damarwulan @ u. .. Here's the contents:
"Tin, I hope you all always. When can we meet? Come on. It's a new millennium. Or you are deliberately playing? I've been waiting for, from next week until next month, then next year. Now the century to come yesterday, even the coming millennium really has come. Come on, Tin. Dance with me. Come on! I have a dance of the millennium, which should you believe much more beautiful than a god moves ever drunk as you tell it. Come on, Tin. Yes. ..? "
Antini laughed. Somewhat ruefully, actually. He wanted sorry but I can not, or more precisely is: not yet. Would be proud, not happy, can not too.
But he was curious, too, with a man who called Ramses, who use e-mail address damarwulan @ u. .. that. The man had sent some pictures to Antini. If the photos are pictures of other people, or indeed his picture, but not the newest but the oldest picture is another matter. But the voice on the phone,
Antini sure that Ramesses would segagah picture. What a pity is that Ramses Antini people do not top-check like most other men. Less aggressive. So immediately responded by challenging Antini to meet at home. "If you want do not wait up for me. But come to the house. Now I am waiting for you. Go with the first flight tomorrow. Because we only have until the day after tomorrow, when the maid and my son will come together
my parents from the village. Okay? "
The next day, they actually met. The glass was prepared. Anggurpun immediately poured. Then they dance. Both. They are late, really late in the dance movement known as Ramses the millennium dance, which at the ends not much different from the horse lumping. Possessed, too! They still Klenger room when the bell rang.
Antini first awoke. And immediately opened the door. He is almost back Klenger when he saw a dog in front of her hat, with a sharp burning eyes, grinned, revealing gingsul husband. The dog was wearing jeans and t-shirt, bright colors. Both the t-shirt worn by both the lap-top which carry the dog, saw the identity Antini college where her husband continued his studies. Antini have fought a thousand questions before spoken. But Antini throat stuffiness. When he managed to open his mouth, a voice came out very simply: "Hugh ... hug ... hug ....!!!!!"**
This short story ever published Java Pos early 2000. Nabonenar Bonari first poetry and short stories written by Java language. Short stories in Indonesian language was not a lot. But the boy's birth in 1964 Trenggalek was once also wrote a short novel, Dream and Storm, published Java Pos early 1995. Active in the studio Triwida Javanese literature, and also in the Circle of Friends follow-up Literature Author Surabaya Java


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