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Thursday, September 24, 2009

The small sun

Abu Fahd returned home. Walking slowly, walked casually, through a narrow alley, lit by a yellowish light from the fluorescent lights. Because of the silence which reigned around pinching, and then she started singing softly, "I Ailing, in this country!"
It was almost midnight. Abu Fahd excitement rose, overwhelming, he had drank three glasses of wine. Back he laughed in his drunken: "Ailing I, in this country!"
He realized melodious voice hoarse, and praise himself in a loud voice: "My voice is very melodious."
He imagined the people impressed waved, cheered and clapped. He laughed long, and then shifted his cap. He returned to sing with delight:
"Ailing Me, in this country!"
Pantolan his clothes gray and wearing baggy old yellow belt around his waist. Arriving under the bridge arch, where the light defeating darkness, he was surprised by the black sheep facing to the wall. She opened her mouth in surprise and said to himself: "I'm not drunk. Take a good look, friends, what do you see? This is a sheep. Where the owner?"
He looked around but could not find anyone, completely deserted hallway. Then, she looked back at the sheep, saying to himself: "Am I drunk?"
He laughed softly and said himself: "Gracious God, He knows that Abu Umm Fahd and Fahd had not eaten meat for a week." Abu Fahd approached the sheep and try to force him to walk with a push, but the sheep remained silent. Abu Fahd holds two small horns and ripped, but the sheep still just standing facing the wall. Abu Fahd gave him a friendly, then said:
"I'll take you away, your mother and your father too."
Abu Fahd raised sheep and shoulder, all four legs held tightly, and then he found his way while singing, eating great joy.
Soon she stopped singing, conscious sheep were larger and heavier. Suddenly he heard a voice: "Release Me."
Abu Fahd wrinkled forehead and said to himself: "Maybe God cursed drunk." After a few moments he heard again the same voice: "Let Me, I'm not a sheep."
Abu Fahd trembling and terror that forced him to hold the sheep more closely. He arrived at a bus stop and re-hear the voice: "I'm a King genie. Leave me and I'll give you whatever you ask."
Abu Fahd did not return but went on his way to the steps in a hurry.
"I'll give you seven jars filled with gold."
Abu Fahd imagined himself to hear the clink of gold rings falling from the nearby stand and hit the ground.
Lamb's escape from the grip, and he returned to the place as he was saying: "Let us catch them."
He found himself alone in a long narrow hallway. He did not find the sheep and stare in horror at the terror stain, then hurriedly moved on. When I got home he woke his wife Umm Fahd and told him all that happened.
"Go to sleep, get drunk," his wife said.
"I only drink three glasses."
"Satu gelas pun kamu pasti mabuk."
Abu feel insulted, so he quickly replied: "I will not even have to drink drunk a gallon of wine."
Umm Fahd no longer say a word, and recalled childhood memories of hearing about the genie and his habits.
Abu Fahd took off his clothes, turn off the lights, and lay down beside her, pulled the sheet up to her chin.
Suddenly Umm Fahd said: "You should not let go until he give you gold." Abu Fahd did not answer and Umm Fahd continued excitedly, "Go tomorrow, catch and do not let go."
Abu Fahd fatigue, yawning.
"But how can I find it again?" asked bored.
"Of course you'll find more under the bridge. Bring into the house and we'll let it go until he would give us money."
"I can not find it again."
"In the afternoon the liver, Jin lived in the basement. At night they wander in the earth's surface and play until dawn. If they come from a place he likes, he'll keep coming back to it. You'll find it in sheep under the bridge. "
Abu Fahd put his hand on her chest, and crawled in between her breasts, where her silence.
"We'll be rich," said Abu Fahd.
"We're going to buy a house."
"The house with beautiful garden."
"And we'll buy a radio."
"Radio is great."
"Also, the washing machine."
"A washing machine."
"We no longer eat wheat disabilities."
"We're going to eat white bread."
Umm Fahd laughing like a child, when Abu Fahd continued "I'll buy you a red shirt."
"Just a shirt?" Umm Fahd whispered reproachfully. "I'll buy you a hundred clothes."
Abu Fahd was silent for a moment, then asked "When are you due?"
"In three months?"
"It must be a man"
"He will not suffer like us."
"He will not starve."
"His clothes are fine and clean."
"He no longer needed to find a job."
"He's going to school."
"Owner boarders will not ask him to hire."
"He's going to be a doctor as an adult."
"I want him to be a lawyer."
"We ask him: Do you want to be a lawyer or a doctor?"
Umm Fahd Abu Fahd hugged her gently and cleverly asked "You're not going to get married again?"
"Why should I get married again? You, the best woman on earth."
They slipped in silence, immersed in the victory, happy silence.
But then Abu Fahd rid of the blanket from his body with a sudden movement.
"What?" Umi asked Fahd
"I'm going now."
"I want to catch the sheep."
"Wait until tomorrow night. Now go to sleep."
Stumbled out of bed, lit a lamp that hung in
the ceiling, and began to dress.
"Maybe you will not find it."
"It must be found."
"Be careful, do not get loose again," said Umm Fahd while helping her husband
yellow belt tied at her waist.
Abu Fahd felt were gambling with many risks. He may need goloknya, a carved and shining machetes blackish.
Left the house and rushed to the bridge, he was disappointed not to find the sheep. Empty hallway, the windows of houses along the side of the hall has been closed, the lights were extinguished.
Abu Fahd stood waiting, motionless, leaning back against the wall. No Iama then she heard a noise approaching and soon emerged that shocked the man was drunk and hit a tunnel wall, he cried with panting voice: "Hey, I'm a man."
After close to Abu Fahd, the man stopped and stared in surprise. "What are you doing here?" he said when tripped, the sound was.
Drunk man frowned, then his face lit up happily
"By God, I love women. Are you waiting for husband to sleep and hope that his wife opened the door for you?"
Abu Fahd disturbed; he was annoyed with the drunk guy who said "Is she pretty?"
"Woman Where?" Abu Fahd replied angrily.
"Women are you waiting for."
"Get out of here."
"I can be your friend."
Abu Fahd angry, he was afraid of sheep will not menampahkan themselves because of this drunken man's presence.
"Go away or solve your head," snapped Abu Fahd.
The man was drunk burp. "What did you say?" he said surprised. "You think who you are?" Drunk man was silent for a moment, then adds: "Come and break my head. Come, come."
"Go away and leave me," said Abu Fahd. "I do not want to destroy your head."
"No, no," replied the man was drunk angry. "Come and break my head." He retreated to the calm and happy voice saying, "Will you turned the filter in the instrument."
Drunken man put his hand into the pocket of his robe and pulled out a long sword. Abu Fahd immediately put his hand on his belt, and drew goloknya, when a drunk approached him carefully but quickly. Abu Fahd goloknya raised high and down, when he moved to drunk now suddenly so nimble that chopper did not touch it, then jabbed his sword into the chest of Abu Fahd, and shouted: "Accept it!"
Pulling his sword from the body of Abu, the man was drunk backwards. Abu leaned against the wall of mud and lifted back on goloknya second chance, but the sharp sword of the man once again Menghujam drunk on his chest. The third swing of his right shoulder, his right arm was limp and jejemarinya off goloknya, which fell to the ground.
Prancing around it, a drunk man shouted: "Take this ... and this ..."
The man was stabbed in the waist Abu Fahd. Abu moaned and his knees are weakening. He tried to stand steady on his feet, but the long sword swung back to him, about his body and tore off without stopping.
"Take it," cried the man was drunk.
Abu Fahd He stabbed in the stomach and pulled out his bowels. Abu Fahd's hand pressing his stomach: stomach contents hot, wet and throbbing. He put back and fell. He menelentangkan himself, when he was drunk, who sat beside him, coughing, vomiting, and then run away.
Abu Fahd hear the sheep said to her: "Seven golden urn."
Lots of gold fell, shone like a small sun. Then the voice began to move away, and farther away.