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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sound of broken glass

He looked at the mirror that reflects the figures. Suddenly she hated with a figure standing in front of him. He does not like being confronted by his shadow, but someone else; weak and dispirited with empty eyes.
"You're a bastard!" His voice growled. His hands outstretched to the neck, grabbed a blue tie filled with blood red latitude. Suddenly, the glass was broken. From the cracks of fresh blood flowing, dripping onto the floor.
"This Day I will be able to work." Zulfani looked figure in the mirror. Very strong. His brother, Joseph, who just returned from the Dawn Prayer at the surau, snorted as he entered the room. I do not know how many times he heard the same words, but always nothing has changed. Every time Zulfani home, the same thing brought into the house; complaint that he was denied again.
"You do not believe it?" Zulfani still smiling. "See, now I wear a tie."
"Not sure, but do not believe it." Joseph smirked. "People will not hire you because of the tie."
Zulfani pretended not care even though his heart sank treated as such. He improved fall-tie, blue filled with blood red latitude. His eyes kept a great sense of pride.
"Do not go, we scavenged it!" Joseph shouted from the room. "The result is clear, you know it. In fact, you are spending all my earnings."
Syriac, his mother, was accustomed to spicy to hear it. Actually, he also agreed with Joseph, that Zulfani less reliable. Every day, they work just spend money to make a job application and cost him. But as parents, of course he should not be like that, but just that none of the children who feel dianaktirikan.
"Joseph, keep talk." His voice was soft, warned Joseph swear at him to stop. "Zulfani also tried, did not remain silent."
"The important result, ma'am. It's no high school if to be unemployed. Shit I used to school."
Syriac felt a sudden burst in the heart. Sudden bones brittle. Slowly he felt his blood flowing to the top of his head, so hard that his eyes are dark red immediately. Instantly she remembered her late husband. Seeing this scene, his face pale Yusup. Immediately he approached his mother, "Excuse me, ma'am, I mean idak brought up."
Joseph took a breath. He glanced at the still Zulfani mematut himself in the mirror.
"Come on, Soup!" Her voice soft. "Pray so fast Zulfani can work."
Joseph entered the room. He had to succumb. From the first, since late father was still alive. Father himself was conditioned to each of the oldest get more respect than the younger. But unlike my father's mother, who did not choose love. Zulfani very proud father, for whatever reason.
"My mother left. Do not forget to wake the girls before you go." Syriac rushed bad scarf slung over his shoulder. She took ayaman bamboo baskets, brought on by squeezing her arm.
Joseph approached the three sister who was still curled on the floor; overlap barrack-like pile of junk Joseph placed beside the house. One after another, until they jumped dihentakkannya. "Hayo wake up!"
No matter Zulfani three younger brothers Joseph complained about the treatment. He admired the cool tie around his neck. Smiles.
"Stop!" Joseph said of the page. "Do not forget, you're sent home shirt Markasan brother when it's over. Do not let the nagging wife mempersoalkannya."
Zulfani silent. He informed Joseph cynical attitude.

"I will be working today." Zulfani imagine not expect her to leave home. He brought light blue folder containing the application files. He fertilizer spirit in him with good things. He walked in the hallway was still deserted villages to the highway. His tie flapping in the wind. Dia menyiulkan sebuah lagu yang riang hingga pagi seperti ikut menyanyi. Normally, each time through the alley to go to town with the same goal, his heart was always overwhelmed with disbelief. He imagined to be disappointed again. Even so, he never prepared myself for disappointment, so that when she rejected his proposal directly lesuh. Now, he's like do not think will be disappointed again. Without felt he had reached the highway. Dicegatnya a angkot that would take him to the city.
"You're so cheerful." One of the passengers to call it. He smiled.
Most of the passengers in the angkot were mothers who brought baskets, baskets empty. He always met with them every day. They want to market to buy various kinds of vegetables to be sold around the housing complexes, just like her mother.
"You look different?" asks one.
He nodded.
"It can work?"
He shook his head.
"You look like someone who had a job."
"I'm still looking for it, Mom."
"I do not care how long."
"You're so persistent."
"Thank you, ma'am."
As usual, they talked again. Initially him they were talking about, persistence in seeking a job, and enthusiasm unflagging. Then they talk about the work that mothers, who met once since the first still be around the vegetable traders. Nothing has changed, except that Zulfan now wearing a tie around his neck.
"I wish my child like you," said one mother. "My son even faster disappointed. Only three times rejected his application, immediately discouraged. Yesterday he was arrested caught stealing in the supermarket. Ketiban shit I even had to pay Rp500.000 to the officers to be free. It can be where my money," said one .
"My son does not like you. If only high spirits, must be able to help ease the burden on my family to bear alone. He was never aware that his father was and sickly," said another.
Without their conversation was flowing like angkot rate which then stopped once he was in town. All the passengers off, the last Zulfani.
"Hopefully this time you succeed," said one mother before they split up.
Zulfani nodded. He imagined the job would be waiting. He could make sure that receiving a summons

Zulfani knew the area that will go. He planned to walk there, but save money too calm degub heart always gemerusuh every time to do something. He also thought, at this hour there is no company that is open, so he had plenty of time to walk to the office.
"Apa betul ini kantor pengacara yang sedang buka lowongan itu?" Zulfani reprimand traders stop the cart in front of the office complex.
Sarmin, merchant, was disturbed by his presence. He put a plate of boiled noodles are about to eaten. "Sampean nanya what was it?"
"The lawyer's office?"
"What lawyer?"
"I want to apply."
"Work? Doing what?"
"I can call. Look at this!" Zulfani showed me a letter with letterhead calls a lawyer's office.
"Yeah, right. This is his office." Sarmin menujuk a shop behind him, lined up with the other buildings. "That office would you datangani."
Sarmin suddenly chuckling.
"Look at that! Building was exploded yesterday. There are people who put the bill in the building. They say the case against the lawyer assisted the client in the office who put the bomb because the case lost in court."
Zulfani not believe it. Studied Sarmin designated buildings. Because less clear, he approached the building. Dicocokkannya address on the letter with the number on the ruins of the building. Shivered suddenly very great, and merapuh joints.
He remembers talk Yusup. His head instantly went blank. He went without knowing the purpose. When he arrived home, she went to the bathroom. Mematut himself in the mirror. He was attacked by a great hatred to yourself. He looked at his figure in the mirror, and mounting resentment.
Suddenly everyone in the house startled to hear glass breaking sound.


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