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Thursday, September 24, 2009

When the chair is return back

Out already! Finally all the collected property the hard work of many years has changed hands. Confiscated by the bank! And all happened only because kecerobohanku not insure the latest electronics products that I bought from Jakarta and in the way ship carrying four containers of stuff to swallow the ocean sink. The entire crew was killed! And unfortunately, I also have to pay compensation to their families. Ship worth 800 million mine gone! The bank did not dare to give additional loans because they have given tolerance when I was in arrears for two months installment. And now all all anggunanku confiscated. Houses, cars, acres of land and bonds, exhausted already. Only left a few pieces of clothes and little money from the sale of goods is not taken, and from savings on behalf of my child, Idrus, fifth grade students.
Kemalanganku tidak berakhir begitu saja. My wife too talkative confiscated. Yes, my wife confiscated by nature selfish and materialistisnya, when I was on the verge of collapse. He has been in a hurry to leave and Idrus, carrying all that could be carried. Incidentally there are several houses and the land that I bought in his name. But disisakannya me in the least. My friends who used to laugh with me too cheap, even for only a split tear anything! Bad luck streak at home as dwelling in my life.
A month later, I rent housing in the suburbs. A housing complex is very simple. I live with Idrus. He still had to go to school for a better life. For our needs everyday I worked as a labor contract workers who work in a contracting company once owned by my friend, only she did not know if I work there. After school selling popsicles Idrus's next door neighbor. Bad result for us to add vegetables. Confiscated from the house that I took one my favorite things into our new house. An easy chair.
Environment in which we live is very friendly. A hospitality that was born of sincerity. Hospitality that had been limited only dream, because I knew that the good of all who claim to be my friend is a pack of kentalku their interests.
Work hard! Our life full of hard work. And at night when we were, me and Idrus, was in the living room, I was in the chair and Idrus malasku under their bellies are his homework, "tomorrow you finished the work contract, we are forced to economize even stricter, because the next project coming out of Working his command in two weeks. Tomorrow we eat enough rice mixed with salt and cooking oil plus a cracker huh? "
"Yes sir, Idrus's okay to eat anything, just .. just do not mix rock .. ha ... ha", Idrus said he asked jokingly.
I smiled saw, with amusement in the chest. But there was also thunder there. The soothing roar of happiness and calm. Alhamdulillah. O God, have you remind me again a big favor from you which is almost forgotten. Pious child! Idrus, too, who has made me aware of preoccupation to contemplate the fate. Habit to the Koran after solat maghrib, reading prayers chanted loudly at dawn, the soft-spoken and polite, diterik zeal to be the sun, carrying a thermos of ice. Subhanallah, amazing! He is more brave than me! thank you, Id. I'll take care As with grace and trust.
While awaiting a call back from the foreman job, berbekalkan paper and bolpoint I tried to write some short stories, while it Idrus still selling ice. Two, three short stories have been successfully made, my heart just hope, hopefully loaded! Honornya can later use to buy new shoes Idrus.
Not to mention up to two weeks I called back to work. Lobbying power of our boss has been able to accelerate the process work out the Warrant. And, of course: Money! I'll be back to get money. Can be discarded while kerisauanku. Alhamdulillah. O God, may rizki that you gave me can give menfaat in our lives.
On the first day we worked, downtown location disuatu a plan to build a mall. Our leadership falls directly into the field to encourage their workers. We collected and proudly he stood in front of us. "Brothers - brothers, today we will start a big job. Saya selaku pimpinan perusahaan berharap bahwa saudara-saudara akan bekerja dengan giat dan penuh semangat. Bla ... Bla ... Bla. Good work!
Echoing applause. All workers are proud of his leadership. I smiled a little. I know who he is, big Tricksters! I walked into the barracks and prepare my gear. When I came out of the barracks with all the completeness and readiness to work. Word, our leader who had made a speech in front in front of me, looked at me with bulging eyes as well.
"Are not you Randy", Word asks me
"Yeah Man, I'm Randy, so what?" I said a little sharply. I know exactly who he is. Had he not a leader where I worked I would have hit him!!
"Ha ... ha ... ha. Finally met also with poor entrepreneurs, So .. now you become buruhku heehee. Entrepreneur proud buruhku now. Satisfied. Puas aku melihatnya..dan kau tahu istrimu? Now he becomes her savings, may also serve .. Ha ha ha. "Mockery it gives me tremendous pain. Terrible insult and plunged to the bottom of the heart, memporak-qana'ah patience and devastating that I have coached so far.
"BBUUKKH" .. "PPAAKKH", a two pukulanku landed on his face and body. Word staggered, I kept trying to catch up, but some people get even four people meregangku direct bodyguards beat. But they did not blow me feel anymore. Stroke pain they lost! defeated by a sense puasku who successfully beat the Word and also lost. Defeated by pain because hinaannya.
"Fuck you, ndy. starting this minute you get out of this location! you are putting out do not ever hinamu face in front of me! ", Word snorted angrily and walked away.
I stay alone. My friends were too scared to give aid. I understand. Stomach! Stomach can change the behavior and the courage of each person. With unsteady steps I went home. My heart can only cry. Why should I lead such a hard life!
I've got home. At the entrance I saw worn shoes Idrus. Why did he not go to school? if he missed, sick, or is sent home early? I do not care, I just wanted to rest dikursi malasku. Without saying hello again I opened the front door and kudapati.Idrus absorbed malasku rocking in a chair. He was surprised to see the door burst open. As soon as he got up and in ketergopohannya.
"PPRRRAAAAKKK". Recliner was broken! Favorite recliner broke. My heart is burning hot growing. As hard as possible kupekik name "IIIDDRRUUUUUUSS. What are you doing with my chair hhaah!?! "
"Tttiii .. .. Iidd intentionally ttiiiddakk, Pppaakk", Idrus said haltingly. His face was pale. But I do not care back and "PPLLAAAKKKK". One hit my hard slap on the cheek. Idrus stumbled and fell. Not to mention that he felt the salty blood from her lips I connect again with a kick as he barked.
"BBUUKKKHH". "Go away you damn kids. There you go! not anymore you injakkan feet to my house. PEERRGGIIIII! "Idrus collar pulled, dragged and tossed out of the house. Then I close and lock the door from inside. I do not want to know what Idrus was outside. I'm late, late in the preoccupation kicking it malasku chair. Trying to kick my bad life. Trying to throw away my irritation. And I'm lying. Dark. And I was fast asleep.
"ALLAHU AKBAR, ALLAAAHU AKBAR", Maghrib Adhan!! Adzan's voice woke me instantly but I continue to sleep and sleep.
"Knock knock. Good morning. Mr. Randy there? "
A loud noise woke me. I saw the clock. 10:30 hrs in the morning! Crazy I slept too long. I got up and opened the door. I found Mr. Post who was holding a sheet of paper. He kindly said to me "Sorry sir disturbing, this is a money order and a letter to Mr. Randy." He handed the sheet of paper that had been held. I received while I thank you. He went again fulfill his duty. I entered, closed the door, reading the papers. My feelings had changed drastically become tangled full of fun. I shouted happily, heading for the bedroom.
"Id ... Id. Father short story published, Id. You could honornya. Tomorrow we are to the market. We retire usangmu shoes. Ha ha. Id, Id. Idrus not found in the room. MasyaAllah, I remember now. Overnight. Last night Id. Oh God what have I done? "
"Iiiiddd ... Iiiidd" I rushed out. But he also was found there. Only people who look at me through in wonder. I fell back. My lips just a thin hiss "Where are you?"
Two weeks after the departure Id. I'm back against. Where else should I seek my son? The whole point of the town and village has me explore. All his friends have come, but which I found just the stories that held so much mystery. None of them knew exactly presence Id. I walked haltingly toward the bedroom. I looked at the piles of papers published cerpenku. I picked up and read again. A story about a pious boy who gave indirect awareness to parents who live alone anymore. Father. Through the attitude and behavior. Yes! It is the story of Id. The story of my favorite kids and now two weeks have I lost. Come back, Id. Come back, kid. I was wrong. I plead guilty. Should not I visit my irritation with you. No tears were flowing. I'm whining! I realized that the Id was able to make me strong!
I do not want to surrender and remain silent. Somehow I have to continue to seek. That's what I always said Id me. But where. Where else would I look for. For two weeks, from late morning until sunset I was looking for. Going home later that night I go again.
Maghrib imperceptibly is coming. I shower and prepare for the maghrib prayer, an activity that never forget my routine while I'm excited!
"Allahu Akbar." Bertakbir and I started praying.
"Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi. Assalamualaikum Warahamatullahi "
After dhikr, I raised both my hands and prayed "O Lord God of everything that exists in this universe .. It's not a lot of pleasure and deposit belongs to you as you take it back from me. But when should I ask for the return the trust that once you entrust to me. Because the light has been able to illuminate my path and take me on thy Hidayah. Oh God, just and kepadamulah I worship Thee only step that I ask for help. Subhanallah. "
My prayer is over. And along with the completion of my prayers.
A voice came from the front door. The voice sounded very, very familiar in my ears. Sound .. always be missed. Could it be? I stormed out, still with berkopiah in a sarong and I opened the door and I saw. Praise Allah. He has returned. Id have to go home. Immediately I hugged him. Unbearable tears again. I looked at his face a slightly concave teredak he attempted to say to me.
"Sir, sir. Id mmmaauuu ... "
"Do not go back Id. Do not go again. Do not leave you alone. Mr. apologize, Id. Father Forgive. "
I brought it into the house, I felt his body was still vibrating .. Could he still afraid of me? Suddenly he held his body. Stop by my invitation. I was frantic and asked "Why, Id? Why.?? "
Id just bowed, then he is led back to the front door. I followed him .. and when we reached the front door. "Id work, sir, and this ... This is, sir. This work, Id "
I looked out. I was surprised. I swear I was surprised. Because the outside I found a chaise longue!


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