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Thursday, September 24, 2009

The first night --part 2--

directed to himself. Bercik-bercik He wiped sweat from his brow with one hand. "I do not understand how I now this damn Suitcase," he added without looking at Bastian. But like the new Bastian noticed, suddenly staring at him. "Look, handlenya broke! He said as if for pity." Yes, "Bastian said as he watched leather briefcase that looks old and tanpa wheel. "But do not worry," he assured her as she immediately took a trolley which happened to be not far from them. "I think your problem will be solved with this," said Bastian, pushing trolley toward the girl. "Thank you," said the girl really grateful tone. But soon his head tergeleng his head. "Why?" Bastian asked. "Not much help," he said still shaking his head. "Not much help? You mean?" "Crete was not going to push a lot of help." he said, and an uneasiness on his face then. "I do not understand. You can bring your luggage with this trolley is not it?" "Paris was not really my goal," he sighed. "I just changed kreta here." Bastian is now really want to know. "And where your goal?" "Madrid," he said shortly just suitcase and while pressing the buttons installed. While he did that, Bastian notice. The girl was not so tall. Slender with shoulder length curly hair. Bastian tried to gauge her age. Perhaps the above seventeen, but could be in the twenties. Bastian can not be sure. What would he look young. "Crete is to Madrid departing from Garde L'Est" she said over her suitcase buttoning his belt. "And to get there I had to ride Metro." he continued. "What is it?" Bastian asked not understand. Girl's lips as to suppress a smile. "You certainly do not live in Paris." he said barely audible. "You guess right. I am just now breathing the air of Paris," Bastian said honestly. "For people to take the metro down the subway stairs, and down the stairs to the trolley was not possible to use." she like to her. "Yes, I know it," Bastian said quickly, but he did not manage to hide ketersipuannya after realizing how much she has demonstrated her naivete in front of her. "But do not you think there Escalator," he continued as if trying to escape from naivete. "Escalator in most Paris metro station just to ride," replied the girl. He looked even more worried. "Do not worry, ladies. If you want, I am willing to help you." "She was silent. Momentarily, his eyes gray nodes were looking Bastian Bastian without themselves can interpret their meaning. The cool eyeball was then dipped in large suitcases on the platform. Without waiting for the signal again, Bastian soon as he picked up the suitcase was placed on the trolley. menyaksaksikannya girl with her hands covered her mouth by accident. He seemed unable to believe that there are still people willing to ease the burden on other people in the middle of the station Paris and indifference. "Admit it, ma'am. You're dealing with a difficulty that you may no longer cope alone. You need help. And I am willing to help you. "Bastian said half-charged. Then he added:" If you want to, I do not mind lifting your suitcase is. When I worked in the ship first, I used to work hard. Ah, I mean hard work. Do not you worry! "." Ooh, so you really want to help me? "He asked, as if not certainly true with the seriousness Bastian." Let's go! "Said Bastian assured." Here's how, "said Bastian, too." Would you This brought my bag so I can more easily lose your luggage on the ladder when I got up, "" You are really very helpful, "she said without trying to hide kelegaanya. He was just approved Bastian advice. Suddenly Bastian's eyes alighted on a violin bag who had been left lying on the floor of the platform: "Is that your violin?" he asked. "Oh, I almost forgot!" he immediately took the bag-shaped blue violin. "Thank you very much" she added as she hung the bag strap shoulder violin left. On a cursory look, he was like carrying a gun. They move left the platform. Actually, the trip from London meletihkannya enough. However, fatigue was now no longer felt. But suddenly he heard her say, "I'm tired. You agree that we break for a while? "" Ah, that's a good idea! Actually I also want to rest. "Said Bastian delighted with the possibility to just sit a moment and ask her to talk further. Disebuah They sat the bench." I'm thirsty, "Bastian said while just sitting down." I also, "she said. "Then wait a minute," Bastian said, standing kemabali. "I'll buy a drink." Bastian left the girl to a kiosk not far from sana.Tak long before he came back with two cans of cold drinks. "Thanks." said girl as she receives the submitted minuiman cans Bastian. He opened a can of the drink and slowly sipped a few sips. Bastian sat down again beside him. "Oh, yes .... I do not know your name," she said just as Bastian be sipped his drink. "Ah, I forgot." Bastian said off took a drink. "My name is Bastian." "I'm Fiona." "You're not Spanish?" "Not." "The English of course." "How do you know I am an Englishman? "" Your English is not accented. "" I was born in England. British citizens. My passport was also a British passport. But I do not feel the English. "" Strange, "" Strange? "" Yes. For me it was weird. In England I met many people who when seen from the color of their skin they are actually immigrants. But because they have a card and passport birth British English, they felt the English. "" When viewed from the origin, an Englishman who dared to claim that they are not direct descendants of immigrants will be faced with the reality of history to account for their recognition in the academic! As Caribbean people, Africa, India, and Pakistan the English ancestors: the Vikings. Norman, and Saxon into English may be said also as immigrants, as immigrants. England from time immemorial immigrants have invaded. So, we can not blame the people you mentioned had also thought of themselves as British. "" The Saxon and others that come from time immemorial. Already hundreds of years ago. "" Because that person is more entitled to the Anglo-Saxon claimed descent from the indigenous? Ah, if based on the length. The Arabs can actually claim that they were Spanish. Because the Arabs had occupied Spain for not less than seven hundred years. "" All right. I do not want to argue history with you. What is not clear, why you do not feel as the English? "" I have another establishment. "" You mean? "" I have mixed descent. Italy My mother's people. My father was Scottish. My grandfather's maternal Turks. Grandmother of Morocco "The girl stopped watching the youth at his side with a view waiting for a response." And his father's side, "said Bastian could not hide his curiosity." My grandmother's paternal grandfather of Pakistani while the English. "" No shit! European blood, the blood of African and Asian blood is in you, "" Maybe that is one reason my stance is different, "Almost accidentally dropped his eyes back Bastian violin resting on the Fiona to the bench where they sat. Immediately, he was trying to connect conversation by asking: "You must be an expert violinist," "Yes, playing the violin is one of my hobbies." "a very interesting hobby." "What about you? Do you like music? "Asked the girl looked straight into the eyes of Bastian." Yes, music is one of my hobby, "Bastian said Fiona accidentally copied the answers." You can certainly play a musical instrument? "" Only guitar. Can play a little guitar. "Bastian said, barely audible. Karuan he remembered the time he was in high school when he had come to play the guitar sekota championship in Bandung, he managed to emerge as the first champion. And since then, many friends, especially female friends, who memanggilya nicknamed "Eric Clapton". And the nickname was carried up to the campus when he took an active part of music activities to enliven the event extra-curricular events. "I like all kinds of music," said Bastian said memadang girl. "I like all kinds of music without exception. But I most like music Klassik. Mozart, Strauss, Bethoven, Wagner, and composers Vivaldi's my favorite." "I studied music at Durham University in northern England," said Fiona too, "just finished last year." he added as he sipped a cold drink cans back in his hands. "Ah, very interesting! Apparently your music scholar.'s Good to know you." "Ever been to Durham?" Fiona asked, smiling. "Ever." Bastian said excitedly. "You ever been to Durham?" she repeated, and apparently he became interested in the youth beside him. "It's been a long time. Probably about three years old then. I went there to watch the music festival." Bastian paused a moment. He like to think. Then he noticed the girl's back. "You are certainly to Madrid to participate in seminars, festivals, or perhaps a concert." he wanted to know more. Fiona shook her head. He looked at the violin leaned on the bench where they sat. "Not." she said softly. "I'll stay in Madrid." "Staying in Madrid?" "Yes. I want to deepen the Spanish language. And ... while working." "Teaching music?" "Not." Fiona said, shaking his head. Her blond hair, straight, hung to her shoulders, covering her soft cheeks. "I will work on the British Council English language teaching." "You teach English?" "Yes. Coincidence that there were jobs at the British Council." "Interesting." said the department looked into the other as if the words were not addressed to Fiona. "Did you say you've worked on the ship." said the girl. "Yes. I've worked on several ships oil tankers. Also freighter and cruise ships." "You've certainly around the world." "I was lucky enough to visit many countries. But work on the ship requires physical abilities. Anyway continuous physical work. Much of my time out on the ocean. For weeks I saw only the sea, seagull and dolphin fish." "What about sharks?" Fiona asked, smiling. "Sometimes sharks and whales." "Interesting." "But if what we see every day the same scene, same people so long .... so boring, too." "Why did you choose to work on the ship?" "Why did I choose to work on the ship? Ah, then I would not be in a position to choose." Bastian replied stunned. "It's nice if we could be in a position to choose." Fiona said without looking at Bastian. "If I could choose I want to do work that has to do with music. But the opportunity for that hard to find. The bannyak available, and that allows me to live abroad is just a job teaching English." "Yes, exactly the same as what I experienced ten years ago. The only possibility for me to be overseas, in order to travel the world at that time just working on the boat.'s Why I said before I am not in a position to choose." Bastian was silent. After returning canned drink a few sips, she began continued: "Apparently there are some similarities between us." "Yes, it seems so." Fiona said quietly. "We both love music.'re Welcome do not have a choice. And ... and I also worked as a teacher." Bastian said the girl turned. "You also teach?" asked Fiona as not sure. "Yes, teaching. I'm tired of physical work on." "Teaching what?" "Also the language." "Language?" Fiona asked, sounding surprised. "Also the English language?" he asked again. "I do not dare to teach English. I teach my own mother tongue." "Where are you from?" "Try to guess." Bastian said while watching Fiona can be felt more and more curious about him. "Philippines." "I am a Filipino?" Bastian smiled and shook his head. "You like the Philippines. I often meet people of the Philippines in London." Yes, the Philippines is quite a lot in London. But I myself was not the Philippines. "" You people of Malaysia! "" It's wrong. "" Thailand! "" No! "Quinn observed Bastian. A pair of soft eyes shone spotlight seemed so sharp that he was forced to look away without realizing it . 'Give up? "asked to give up." All right. I gave up. "I teach the Indonesian language." "Oh, so you people of Indonesia." "Yes. I'm an Indonesian." "Indonesia is a beautiful country." "Ever been to Indonesia?" "Not yet. Only I see through television shows and travel magazine. Where do you teach the Indonesian language." "At SOAS, in London." "You live in London?" "Yes. It's been five years." "Well, long enough." Fiona can put a half-empty beverage was under the bench. "I've been to India," he said. "been to Nepal, Burma and Thailand. What a pity to Indonesia yet. Maybe later when I was able to save more." The girl finished her sentence with a single breath. He looked far ahead as if he were mematrikan a determination in their hearts to start saving for the sake of realizing his desire to visit Indonesia one day later. "There are some of my friends who've been to Indonesia," he went back to the pandanganya Bastian. "They've been to Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi, Lombok and Komodo Island. They all want to visit again. They say the Indonesian people in general really like art, and sports. Is that right?" "I do not think it wrong." Bastian said. "My friends also said the Indonesia-friendly friendly and helpful. Is it true?" Fiona asked too. "I did not dare to answer with certainty. It's better you see for yourself. But, somehow, I felt a compliment. Thank you. I hope that you'll have time to Indonesia, you will meet with Indonesian people for the good of all as a experienced by your friends that. " Soon they left the rest. After a successful down the station stairs without difficulty, in and out of the metro, they finally arrived at the Garde L'est. Hours nearly 2400 o'clock. They went straight to the platform that kreta to Madrid. Crete was already waiting there. Bastian, Quinn followed up and put her suitcase in the trunk provided. His face was filled with perspiration. Panting breath. Fiona suitcase was heavy enough. "I do not know how I get into this kreta without your help." Fiona said. Thank you very much, Bastian. Thanks a lot.! "" Hopefully later arrival in Madrid you will not be too much trouble, "Bastian said while accepting the proffered bag Fiona. Because kreta Bastian leaving soon go down. A moment he stood on the platform. After waving to each other , the young man walked out of Quinn with the other passengers. But once it will come forth from the door of the platform, she suddenly heard a scream as her name. He stopped in his tracks as he turned the direction of the scream. Visible Quinn was running toward him. "What else happened, Fiona? "he asked after Quinn standing in front of him with his chest rose and fell. His face was tense. Her lips were pale." Alas! "Quinn almost screamed." My passport! My money! "" Why? Lost? "" Gone! Today is my fate really bad luck! "She said breathlessly." Help me "she begged plaintively." I do not have acquaintances or friends in Paris. No one else I know except you, Bastian! "Fiona remove eyes began to water." I need your help again to you. In Indonesia, which he said people like to please help. "" What can I do? Looking for your passport? Where should I look for?. "Bastian said almost in one breath a sigh. At that time he really did not know what to dilakukannya.Tetapi then he said:" Let us report to the police! "" Passports and the money I save in the bag, "said Quinn did not hear suggestions like Bastian." But this I do not see your bag. "" I'm sure to miss the above kreta had. "says she regrets her." Or perhaps .... ah, I so not sure. What is certain now I have no passport, no money. "Bastian suddenly remembered something:" It is you seek in your suitcase? "He asked." Passport and my money is always intentionally save in my bag. And the bag, I was sure I'd never enter into a suitcase. "" Then let's get reported to the police! "Back Bastian suggested, this time with a louder tone." What can the police? Kteta Soon it will go! "" Where is the last you see your bag? Try to remember again. "" I remember well. Before the ride kreta at the port of Calais was still there. "" You sure? "" I'm sure of it. I remember my bag before boarding kreta clothing. Yes, before I could ride kreta out tickets. "" So your tickets well in that bag? "" Fortunately not. After I remove the bag, I keep in a jacket pocket. "Fiona took the tickets from his jacket pocket." Here it comes, "he showed." So the only passport and money missing ...." Bastian could not continue his sentence because Fiona started to weep. In between sobs, she said haltingly, "Problem ... fit ... my passport was not ... not too worried. Later arrival in Madrid I could report to the British embassy. Ta ... pi ... money .... now I have no money. "Bastian was silent. He looked at Fiona's eyes gleaming flooded. Fiona bowed as if to hide his anxiety and grief. But then she was gaining strength. "Sorry, Bastian." he said. "I have too much trouble you." Needless to say again and again Fiona turn one half ran toward kreta. Bastian half running too quickly escorted from the side. "Hey, wait a minute!" he tried to stop Fiona. " Wait a minute! Let us solve your problem first, "said Quinn Bastian tried to block by standing in front of him. She was forced to stop." Listen, "Bastian said, pulling out his wallet from his pants pocket." Well, as you see yourself in my pocket there was only 600 Frs . Rest traveler checks and credit cards. I do not think I have time to find a bank that was open middle of the night. So here's the deal. We are for the two existing money is. Bastian split the money, separating the three bills as 100 Frs handed it to Quinn. Bastian surprised. Fiona was just stared at her as if doubting the sincerity of youth. "Why? Did you say ...... ah, I mean take it ... I understand your difficulty. Money is not how I give it with all pleasure." Fiona is still at Bastian. With tears in her eyes that was so soft. Bastian had the heart to beat faster. "You do not believe in my sincerity?" he asked quietly. "Accept!" he said half-pressed while the eyes of both were still collide. Quinn still not received. He just looked at Bastian. Bastian, so do not know what to do. Eyes gray is so soft but it felt like a stab by Bastian much to heart. The more clearly how he felt in his chest degupan quickened. "What are you waiting for? Take this money!" she demanded again, her voice trembling slightly. But Fiona just asked. "Where are you going to go in Paris the middle of the night?" "Is it important to know?" Bastian asked questions itun surprised at all unexpected. "Did you say this your first visit in Paris. You would not know the way." "It does not need to worry about. I have an old friend ..... I heard he lived in Paris." "You know he's staying where?" asked Fiona. Bastian shook his head. "I do not know the address," he said frank. "How can you find if you do not know the address?" there is a tone of worry from the way Quinn said that question. "Oo, it's easy. I could go to the Indonesian embassy and ask there." "Yes, but it was night." Bastian was silent. He seemed to realize he faced his own problems. "Whether you've got a hotel?" asked the girl too. "Not yet." Fiona was surprised. "No?" she repeated in surprise. "Do not worry. I've stop in many cities in the world. And the city Everywhere I go I never first book hotels or inns. In the vicinity of the station I'm sure a lot of hotels or inns that are still receiving." "Then keep your money was. You need it more than me." Bastian reminded of the three bills that are still held. "Do not worry about it. Take it. I give this money willingly." He handed the money back to Fiona. But Quinn would not want to accept. Suddenly there was an announcement in French through the soundsystem. "Crete is to Madrid will soon leave. Good-bye, Bastian. I will not forget your kindness," and immediately ran toward Fionapun kreta. Bastian had stunned. Everything happened so fast and sudden. But then she began running after Quinn is far enough away from him. "Fiona! Wait!" Bastian cried. But do not cry like the sound of Fiona. He continued to run while Bastian also kept chasing him. "Hey, do not be desperate!" Bastian cried again. "In the course kreta you'll need to eat and drink. Please accept this money!" Bastian information while continuing to pursue. Suddenly there she saw as an object fell from kecill the Fiona jacket pocket. He also ran toward the object, then picked up. Meanwhile, Fiona has entered into a kreta which began to move, no longer be pursued by Bastian. Now he just stood there staring at it till kreta disappeared from sight. Bastian out of the station est L'Garde. A highway was deserted long before her now. Bulbs that depends on both sides to give light at night, but the night was deserted. Paris was asleep. As she walked down the street, he then remembered the little things had picked up earlier. It turned out a record book addresses and phone numbers. Name, address, telephone number written on the Fiona the front page. Bastian kept walking and walked, hoping to soon find an inn that is still willing to receive guests.


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