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Thursday, September 24, 2009

The small sun

Abu Fahd returned home. Walking slowly, walked casually, through a narrow alley, lit by a yellowish light from the fluorescent lights. Because of the silence which reigned around pinching, and then she started singing softly, "I Ailing, in this country!"
It was almost midnight. Abu Fahd excitement rose, overwhelming, he had drank three glasses of wine. Back he laughed in his drunken: "Ailing I, in this country!"
He realized melodious voice hoarse, and praise himself in a loud voice: "My voice is very melodious."
He imagined the people impressed waved, cheered and clapped. He laughed long, and then shifted his cap. He returned to sing with delight:
"Ailing Me, in this country!"
Pantolan his clothes gray and wearing baggy old yellow belt around his waist. Arriving under the bridge arch, where the light defeating darkness, he was surprised by the black sheep facing to the wall. She opened her mouth in surprise and said to himself: "I'm not drunk. Take a good look, friends, what do you see? This is a sheep. Where the owner?"
He looked around but could not find anyone, completely deserted hallway. Then, she looked back at the sheep, saying to himself: "Am I drunk?"
He laughed softly and said himself: "Gracious God, He knows that Abu Umm Fahd and Fahd had not eaten meat for a week." Abu Fahd approached the sheep and try to force him to walk with a push, but the sheep remained silent. Abu Fahd holds two small horns and ripped, but the sheep still just standing facing the wall. Abu Fahd gave him a friendly, then said:
"I'll take you away, your mother and your father too."
Abu Fahd raised sheep and shoulder, all four legs held tightly, and then he found his way while singing, eating great joy.
Soon she stopped singing, conscious sheep were larger and heavier. Suddenly he heard a voice: "Release Me."
Abu Fahd wrinkled forehead and said to himself: "Maybe God cursed drunk." After a few moments he heard again the same voice: "Let Me, I'm not a sheep."
Abu Fahd trembling and terror that forced him to hold the sheep more closely. He arrived at a bus stop and re-hear the voice: "I'm a King genie. Leave me and I'll give you whatever you ask."
Abu Fahd did not return but went on his way to the steps in a hurry.
"I'll give you seven jars filled with gold."
Abu Fahd imagined himself to hear the clink of gold rings falling from the nearby stand and hit the ground.
Lamb's escape from the grip, and he returned to the place as he was saying: "Let us catch them."
He found himself alone in a long narrow hallway. He did not find the sheep and stare in horror at the terror stain, then hurriedly moved on. When I got home he woke his wife Umm Fahd and told him all that happened.
"Go to sleep, get drunk," his wife said.
"I only drink three glasses."
"Satu gelas pun kamu pasti mabuk."
Abu feel insulted, so he quickly replied: "I will not even have to drink drunk a gallon of wine."
Umm Fahd no longer say a word, and recalled childhood memories of hearing about the genie and his habits.
Abu Fahd took off his clothes, turn off the lights, and lay down beside her, pulled the sheet up to her chin.
Suddenly Umm Fahd said: "You should not let go until he give you gold." Abu Fahd did not answer and Umm Fahd continued excitedly, "Go tomorrow, catch and do not let go."
Abu Fahd fatigue, yawning.
"But how can I find it again?" asked bored.
"Of course you'll find more under the bridge. Bring into the house and we'll let it go until he would give us money."
"I can not find it again."
"In the afternoon the liver, Jin lived in the basement. At night they wander in the earth's surface and play until dawn. If they come from a place he likes, he'll keep coming back to it. You'll find it in sheep under the bridge. "
Abu Fahd put his hand on her chest, and crawled in between her breasts, where her silence.
"We'll be rich," said Abu Fahd.
"We're going to buy a house."
"The house with beautiful garden."
"And we'll buy a radio."
"Radio is great."
"Also, the washing machine."
"A washing machine."
"We no longer eat wheat disabilities."
"We're going to eat white bread."
Umm Fahd laughing like a child, when Abu Fahd continued "I'll buy you a red shirt."
"Just a shirt?" Umm Fahd whispered reproachfully. "I'll buy you a hundred clothes."
Abu Fahd was silent for a moment, then asked "When are you due?"
"In three months?"
"It must be a man"
"He will not suffer like us."
"He will not starve."
"His clothes are fine and clean."
"He no longer needed to find a job."
"He's going to school."
"Owner boarders will not ask him to hire."
"He's going to be a doctor as an adult."
"I want him to be a lawyer."
"We ask him: Do you want to be a lawyer or a doctor?"
Umm Fahd Abu Fahd hugged her gently and cleverly asked "You're not going to get married again?"
"Why should I get married again? You, the best woman on earth."
They slipped in silence, immersed in the victory, happy silence.
But then Abu Fahd rid of the blanket from his body with a sudden movement.
"What?" Umi asked Fahd
"I'm going now."
"I want to catch the sheep."
"Wait until tomorrow night. Now go to sleep."
Stumbled out of bed, lit a lamp that hung in
the ceiling, and began to dress.
"Maybe you will not find it."
"It must be found."
"Be careful, do not get loose again," said Umm Fahd while helping her husband
yellow belt tied at her waist.
Abu Fahd felt were gambling with many risks. He may need goloknya, a carved and shining machetes blackish.
Left the house and rushed to the bridge, he was disappointed not to find the sheep. Empty hallway, the windows of houses along the side of the hall has been closed, the lights were extinguished.
Abu Fahd stood waiting, motionless, leaning back against the wall. No Iama then she heard a noise approaching and soon emerged that shocked the man was drunk and hit a tunnel wall, he cried with panting voice: "Hey, I'm a man."
After close to Abu Fahd, the man stopped and stared in surprise. "What are you doing here?" he said when tripped, the sound was.
Drunk man frowned, then his face lit up happily
"By God, I love women. Are you waiting for husband to sleep and hope that his wife opened the door for you?"
Abu Fahd disturbed; he was annoyed with the drunk guy who said "Is she pretty?"
"Woman Where?" Abu Fahd replied angrily.
"Women are you waiting for."
"Get out of here."
"I can be your friend."
Abu Fahd angry, he was afraid of sheep will not menampahkan themselves because of this drunken man's presence.
"Go away or solve your head," snapped Abu Fahd.
The man was drunk burp. "What did you say?" he said surprised. "You think who you are?" Drunk man was silent for a moment, then adds: "Come and break my head. Come, come."
"Go away and leave me," said Abu Fahd. "I do not want to destroy your head."
"No, no," replied the man was drunk angry. "Come and break my head." He retreated to the calm and happy voice saying, "Will you turned the filter in the instrument."
Drunken man put his hand into the pocket of his robe and pulled out a long sword. Abu Fahd immediately put his hand on his belt, and drew goloknya, when a drunk approached him carefully but quickly. Abu Fahd goloknya raised high and down, when he moved to drunk now suddenly so nimble that chopper did not touch it, then jabbed his sword into the chest of Abu Fahd, and shouted: "Accept it!"
Pulling his sword from the body of Abu, the man was drunk backwards. Abu leaned against the wall of mud and lifted back on goloknya second chance, but the sharp sword of the man once again Menghujam drunk on his chest. The third swing of his right shoulder, his right arm was limp and jejemarinya off goloknya, which fell to the ground.
Prancing around it, a drunk man shouted: "Take this ... and this ..."
The man was stabbed in the waist Abu Fahd. Abu moaned and his knees are weakening. He tried to stand steady on his feet, but the long sword swung back to him, about his body and tore off without stopping.
"Take it," cried the man was drunk.
Abu Fahd He stabbed in the stomach and pulled out his bowels. Abu Fahd's hand pressing his stomach: stomach contents hot, wet and throbbing. He put back and fell. He menelentangkan himself, when he was drunk, who sat beside him, coughing, vomiting, and then run away.
Abu Fahd hear the sheep said to her: "Seven golden urn."
Lots of gold fell, shone like a small sun. Then the voice began to move away, and farther away.

The horrse fire--part 2--

fifteen full and dozens torch flame. His left hand visible strain on the leash. A perfect silence. Dozens of torches flicker nervously. I saw his right hand mengenggam Indra trembled stone machetes. Pengkin suddenly kicked his horse forward again, shouting fiercely. Indra's right hand shook hard, but I saw a pair nesting doubts dark eyes.
"Horses of fire, horses sihiran! Of wood back to the wood, the fire back into the fire! If this mantra is not enough to drive you moksa you go into the world saga yesng invisible! "as he held up a torch in his right hand aloft, shouted loudly Pengkin. Then .... Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blaaa ...! A series of sentences glide freely from his mouth, incomprehensible.
Fire horse neighing loud, wailing. His whole body like a powerful fire dikobari. In the saddle, Indra cried. The young man's body falling off a horse. All the people come screaming after watching how the horses of fire spinning like a top. The wind was whirling like a pickaxe. Bodies thrown into the air, plucked bushes, scattered rocks, fallen trees. Then the full moon fifteen silent as the grave of Ramadan ....
But you're not Indra, Son! I know your heart never faltered. I'm sure, you'll still pound the fire cast the horse forward to meet the enemy's death! You've seen in your dreams, how the fire horse disappeared into the saga of the world, struck a broken stone machetes on black stone, and Indra, the warrior who faltered, died twelve bullet holes in his body.
Kunujum you're traveling carrier prophecy warriors who do not know any longer hesitated, Son!
LIKE that I have said, a long saga that has developed in our village. Has been a long time, so apparently no one who still want menggubrisnya, please take the time to tell and listen. Moreover, the saga and the new tales kept berlahiran. More sophisticated and more interesting. Of course, who else would narrate and heard an old story that the main character be a loser! Perhaps only two of us, who continue engkong repeatedly menuturkannya, and I are always willing to listen.
But no! I know, it is not right if only the two of us who still maintain and turn on the story. Yes, I know, secretly, many people are still trying to find the horse that lost to fire in the saga - when the mantra uttered at Pengkin fifteen full moon of Ramadan - was. Still many people. They were milling about like subtle shadows on the walls, in between meetings of trees. Alert and full of secrets.
Because Finally, as engkong story, one day the horse will fire back and whoever owns it will get kedigdayaan.
"But the only one who had been destined for each other with him, could summon the horse back from the natural fire saga," said engkong, "A person who is willing to care for and do not hesitate hikayatnya like Indra. A person who is capable of magic spell, and supposedly the spirit of the horse's own fire that will bring charm to the man. "
Engkong sharp glances, and I imagine it like an old man who created the white turban of the horse statue fire of wood and fire torches at night when the moon crescent Sapar grave in the sky. Ah, the white bearded old champion with no opponent kematiaan fateful meeting at night Laylat al-Qadr!
"Because Pengkin betrayal, his disciples," engkong story, either for that to how many thousands of times. I just nodded, never again asked with curiosity as the first time engkong menuturkannya. "Why, Kong? Why Pengkin betray his master?"
Time engkong chuckled. He did not immediately answer, but busy rolling tobacco that I had to ask twice. Engkong eyes sparkled, as if it enjoyed the story of impatience waiting for the follow-up.
"Because of the fire horse was selected as the rider of Indra. But the teacher had been raised Pengkin paramilitary unit leader of the students," she whispered as she sucks engkong tobacco lintingannya deeply. Fragrant tobacco smoke snaking then slowly drifted out through the small window open cabin. I tried to imagine the disappointment Pengkin and secretly became restless. The night wind a little tight, wet air delivered from the yard.
I could see the figure Pengkin backyard slipping into the small surau. Occasionally shadow bobbing his body between meetings of cassava plants. Half moon appeared, disappeared behind thick clouds. Faint glimpse of light that illuminates her face, showing his face was so tense.
I continued to follow the steps that skinny guy until he reached the back door surau. I saw he looked left-right-back quickly. After making sure no one, skinny man hurried knock on the door, "Teachers .... Teachers, it's me, Pengkin."
"The teacher once again ...," he called. The wind seemed to freeze. Long enough, just open the door slowly.
"Get in!" a deep voice whispered. Pengkin quickly slipped into, and the door closed immediately.
The room was dark, there is only a small flame of a lamp that seems to lack of oil in the corner. But I can recognize the figure of a turbaned old man sitting cross-legged in the middle of the room. Immediately dropped Pengkin sitting in front of him.
"Are you sure no one saw you?" turbaned old man's voice sounded sharp. Pengkin just nodded. I felt the aura in the room was very uncomfortable.
"Are you ready to do it, right?" turbaned old man asked. Pengkin not answer, just looked down.
"Pengkin! Answer me!" turbaned old man barked.
"I do not have the heart, Teacher ...," wry voice sounded Pengkin.
"He's a famous warrior who worship everywhere. And so proud, as if only one winner! While you're just a snot!" turbaned man snorted, "He thinks no invention of fire horses, he could be like now." I felt my whole body sweat because gerahnya room.
"But he's my best friend anyway," said Pengkin weak, is still down.
"I do not like your attitude of surrender, Pengkin! You think he really consider you a friend?" turbaned old man's voice trembled hold anger. Oil lamp fire suddenly went out, and the room becomes stuffy.
"Do it tomorrow night! We will be attacked on time evening. That's an order!" turbaned old man sternly, "You understand, my son?" "Yes, Teacher ...," Pengkin replied softly.
"It's over and I said, do not call me teacher if we were alone. Call my father," turbaned old man's voice suddenly changed gently. And I know, in the dark Pengkin down deeper.
BUT engkong still talk about how disappointed turbaned old man at the betrayal of his disciples, Pengkin.
"He must be so pathetic to see death for treason Pengkin," engkong said sadly, "The disappearance and death of the fire horse, Indra had crippled the power of the students and then hit the heart of Sheikh Maulana."
Lalu engkong kembali mengisahkan peristiwa pada malam dua puluh delapan Ramadan itu. I feel so lonely night. Nothing else sesayup sound. Any animal that night as soundly, even the wind seemed to die. From the small surau at the edge of the forest, only a faint sound of people to teach so sweet and perfect. Playing like a junk boat in the middle of the ocean.
"But before the early morning," said engkong like holding something, "The silence was broken by the din of hooves and the shouts." I held tight. I imagined hundreds of stem torch row on horseback is moving quickly toward the small surau at the edge of the forest. Pace of the horse's legs were getting louder and louder.
"Come out Sheikh Maulana! You're surrounded!" once the group arrived at the surau, the white infidel leaders immediately stepped forward and shouted loudly on horseback. But no answer from the surau, other than playing the Koran sound melodious. Hundreds of horses whinny nervously. White infidel leaders seemed to lose patience, "Sheikh Maulana, come out and surrender all right, you'll kuampuni! Or we have to break the worship!"
"No bother," suddenly a voice said quietly. Startled, everyone turned to the bar in the upper right rambutan surau page. A turbaned old man since time immemorial have been standing under a tree.
"Sheikh Maulana, we caught you!" shouted the leader of chilled white infidel, "Take him!" Turbaned old man moved forward braced.
I saw hundreds of the sword, machetes, and axes raised, reflecting the torchlight red snaking malignant. I saw hundreds of bows and guns mounted. But do not have to tell you how hundreds of sharp blade, a machete or an ax flashed, and how hundreds of arrowheads and bullets flew after Sheikh Maulana refused to be taken. Maybe engkong right, Sheikh Maulana too sure about the toughness and bombang stance wapak kebalnya, so that when hundreds of the sword, machetes, axes, bow eyes, and the bullet lodged in his body, he still stared in disbelief. He should have shouted the name of God or repeating two kalimah creed, but his body collapsed without a sound trigger. I'm sure, she knew someone had leaked the secret miracle ....
Ai, either to the keberapa thousand times, in such a way engkong looked after telling. And I understand the meaning of that look. I do not sense, but I also do not want to be a fire penunggung second horse after Indra. I do not want to be warriors traveling in carrier nujumannya old prophecy. If possible, I just want to be like Pengkin, disappeared into the bleak saga and never expected to go back. "If the only possible ...," I sighed, glancing at my legs are too small and soft spineless

The horrse fire

STILL a lot of people who secretly find horses of fire. I know that. They move like shadows, crossed at the walls. Bercuriga each other and of course, keep the meeting secret. Who are they? Among themselves was, perhaps, did not know each other than just guessing. Ah, the fire horse, horse sihiran! Male horse that, supposedly, all the red feathers like a fire burning, with her fiery sulai ....
"Every time a horse through the fire," said engkong, "It's as waterspout was created." I was amazed and tried to imagine it. Although engkong said, the horse was too fast. Almost no one can see it clearly. He always passed like the wind, so only just flashed red shadow that caught the eye.
Well, actually this saga has been developed in our village, and apparently no one who still cared. He is like a stale story, after a hereditary told. Although still to settle. Perhaps only the still loyal engkong grow in my head almost every night before bed. As if he had an obligation to maintain the saga, and also obliged to grow them in my head.
No matter how many thousands of times already, he told of the red horse. With his voice hoarse but steady, as if to bring engkong mestika horse from antahberantah country. And between sleep and waking, I seemed to hear the clatter of horse's hooves hammering the ground, is also a strong wind bolt that flashed from his body like an arrow released from a bow. Dashed off somewhere. Only the red shadow, yes, a red shadow. Increasingly blurred from my eyes are heavy with the sound of galloping feet away. Before sleeping soundly, I still had time to imagine the dust rising.
And I dreamed I saw the horse. Once proudly above the rock cliff overlooking the sea, while the sky the moon arch. The horses of fire, with a body like a fire burning, braying loudly, raising his front legs up high. Neigh-filled wounds, full of restless. Was chilling.
Pair of eyes white turbaned old man looked so nervous in the dim glow of the torch. I do not know how long he paced the small surau yard on the edge of the forest. Occasionally he looked up into the cloudy night sky, and then stroked his beard a half color. While his right hand which moves mengenggam endless rosary.
"It is through a third night, Teacher," one of the two young men sat silent in advance under a shady rambutan, a sudden noise. Turbaned old man did not answer, just kept pacing back and forth, counting the seed beads. Thin-bodied young man who spoke so embarrassed. The wind was blowing a little stronger, making the leaves rustle trees. That skinny young man shivered with cold, "Master ...."
"Shut up, Pengkin!" turbaned old man snapped a sharp glance. His face looked even more agitated in the bamboo torch flame liukan embedded in the page surau. The quiet night, suffocating. There was no sound of crickets or frogs. Turbaned old man again looked up to heaven, sighed disappointed because what he was waiting for did not appear. The sky was almost covered with clouds, only a few weak blinking stars.
"Teacher ...," finally one young man who ventured to speak again, of course carefully," Are we going to continue to wait, what if ...," his words stopped, his eyes no less nervous.
"We'll wait a little longer, Indra," said the turbaned old man firmly. Indra just nodded. All three became quiet again. The wind this time seemed frozen, the trees standing stiff like alien beings on guard.
"Teacher! Look!" Pengkin suddenly shouted, pointing toward the sky. Turbaned old man suddenly looked up and Indra. There was a wry smile on his face stretching wrinkled old man turban, he hastily put into a bag of beads green robe. Mumble mouth saying anything either.
"Where is the statue of the horse?" he asked, somewhat breathlessly, holding out his hand to Pengkin. Skinny man was rushed to open the bundles of cloth which always disandangnya. Pengkin hand trembled slightly when he pulled the object from the bundle it. Form of a wooden statue of a horse from an inch size, red protruding through the fabric. Immediately held it out to the horse statue to the turbaned old man who received quickly. Still muttering, turbaned old man statue was placed carefully in front of his feet.
"Remember, what happens tonight is the secret of the three of us. Do not ever once in a while you tell anyone, or we all get hurt. What secret spell." Turbaned old man at his pupil, his face tense, his voice in a way threatening. Pengkin faces tense and Indra come. Both nodded stiffly.
Turbaned old men look back up into the sky. Crescent moon gleaming silver. Beautiful but feels tense. The old man raised his hands, looked up like a prayer. Long enough, before finally slowly reversed his palms facing the statue of a horse that is located on the ground at his feet.
I heard the old man say "bismillah" and a series of quick sentences that did not understand her lips.
"Give me a torch!" he shouted. And I woke up with sweat all over the flood. I saw the empty bed next to me, no engkong. Ah, where engkong? Both my eyes are still heavy, but I wanted to pee.
YOU call the horse "Sapar Maulana". I do not know, in your dreams is to how many you've heard the name mentioned. By whom and where it is, you probably forgot. But you seemed so sure, the horse was created in Sapar, when the crescent moon that looked so elegant grim and frightening on the sky. Preceded lafadz "bismillah", you recite the mantra that somehow tamer since when do you think outside conscious. The red horse neighing loudly. The bushes parted by strong winds roared when the horse toward you. Harden your face for a moment the water, eyes wide, probably between awe and fear. But when it reached the red horse in front of you, you jumped swiftly. Whoa! Whoa! Hiiyaaaa ...! With swift and light, you jumped onto his back and grabbed a fire that burned sulainya. Hiiiyaaaaa ...! You get kicked off the horses of fire, her legs raised and loud high-pitched whinny from the muzzle before it shot forward like an arrow. Through the bushes and trees.
I was stunned. Can not believe you're so handsome, like a roaring Indra to battle with a machete in his right hand a stone, her eyes burning and shining faces washed water for ablution. There's evening call to prayer echoes the tune sharpening the fire horse whinny, and I seemed to come back to see the infidels and traitors to the white of a mess, falling rock struck by a sharp cleaver or thrown the horse's foot flames. Thrown bodies. Red color scattered over the bush, the color of blood and fire knotted.
"Horses sihiran fire horse! Take me to my enemy, my enemy, we annihilated all the evil witch ancestor land! Sacked lunch, kicked the night!" Indra shouted aloud.
Ah, as has been written, every time ditebaskan stone machetes, a body covered in blood would collapse. And horses of fire incarnate sedeng horse, racing to and fro like a raven arrowheads. Flashed like a shadow, like a howling wind. War banners on fire in the middle of the desert shrubbery. Swords, machetes, spears, whips kept crossed, like racing with Isha prayer cycles. I saw Indra kept pushing forward the siege of the white infidels and traitors. Pellet-dikibasnya bullets flying all round the stone machetes, a half-circle. Her face was bright like the full moon. Yes, as the prophecy of the teacher, every time the horses snorting fire, one certainly lives flying.
But I saw a familiar figure slipped in the middle of the enemy ranks. Her face was pale as bloodless. Yes, I recognized the figure as Pengkin. His body was obviously shaky in the back of a dark horse when the horse against the white infidel leaders who faced no less pale. I do not know what is whispered, the night was too noisy by the clatter and bang of metal against bullets. When the black horse shot forward line, Pengkin increasingly shaky. One was a traitor who handed the torch greeted him nervously. I know, Indra would pull the rope horses of fire. I know right! Fire horse neighing loudly and raised his front legs up. "You!" Indra hissed in surprise. Pengkin still shaky on horseback. Both looked at each other. Indra was shocked face slowly turned red, the red in the light of

The first night --part 2--

directed to himself. Bercik-bercik He wiped sweat from his brow with one hand. "I do not understand how I now this damn Suitcase," he added without looking at Bastian. But like the new Bastian noticed, suddenly staring at him. "Look, handlenya broke! He said as if for pity." Yes, "Bastian said as he watched leather briefcase that looks old and tanpa wheel. "But do not worry," he assured her as she immediately took a trolley which happened to be not far from them. "I think your problem will be solved with this," said Bastian, pushing trolley toward the girl. "Thank you," said the girl really grateful tone. But soon his head tergeleng his head. "Why?" Bastian asked. "Not much help," he said still shaking his head. "Not much help? You mean?" "Crete was not going to push a lot of help." he said, and an uneasiness on his face then. "I do not understand. You can bring your luggage with this trolley is not it?" "Paris was not really my goal," he sighed. "I just changed kreta here." Bastian is now really want to know. "And where your goal?" "Madrid," he said shortly just suitcase and while pressing the buttons installed. While he did that, Bastian notice. The girl was not so tall. Slender with shoulder length curly hair. Bastian tried to gauge her age. Perhaps the above seventeen, but could be in the twenties. Bastian can not be sure. What would he look young. "Crete is to Madrid departing from Garde L'Est" she said over her suitcase buttoning his belt. "And to get there I had to ride Metro." he continued. "What is it?" Bastian asked not understand. Girl's lips as to suppress a smile. "You certainly do not live in Paris." he said barely audible. "You guess right. I am just now breathing the air of Paris," Bastian said honestly. "For people to take the metro down the subway stairs, and down the stairs to the trolley was not possible to use." she like to her. "Yes, I know it," Bastian said quickly, but he did not manage to hide ketersipuannya after realizing how much she has demonstrated her naivete in front of her. "But do not you think there Escalator," he continued as if trying to escape from naivete. "Escalator in most Paris metro station just to ride," replied the girl. He looked even more worried. "Do not worry, ladies. If you want, I am willing to help you." "She was silent. Momentarily, his eyes gray nodes were looking Bastian Bastian without themselves can interpret their meaning. The cool eyeball was then dipped in large suitcases on the platform. Without waiting for the signal again, Bastian soon as he picked up the suitcase was placed on the trolley. menyaksaksikannya girl with her hands covered her mouth by accident. He seemed unable to believe that there are still people willing to ease the burden on other people in the middle of the station Paris and indifference. "Admit it, ma'am. You're dealing with a difficulty that you may no longer cope alone. You need help. And I am willing to help you. "Bastian said half-charged. Then he added:" If you want to, I do not mind lifting your suitcase is. When I worked in the ship first, I used to work hard. Ah, I mean hard work. Do not you worry! "." Ooh, so you really want to help me? "He asked, as if not certainly true with the seriousness Bastian." Let's go! "Said Bastian assured." Here's how, "said Bastian, too." Would you This brought my bag so I can more easily lose your luggage on the ladder when I got up, "" You are really very helpful, "she said without trying to hide kelegaanya. He was just approved Bastian advice. Suddenly Bastian's eyes alighted on a violin bag who had been left lying on the floor of the platform: "Is that your violin?" he asked. "Oh, I almost forgot!" he immediately took the bag-shaped blue violin. "Thank you very much" she added as she hung the bag strap shoulder violin left. On a cursory look, he was like carrying a gun. They move left the platform. Actually, the trip from London meletihkannya enough. However, fatigue was now no longer felt. But suddenly he heard her say, "I'm tired. You agree that we break for a while? "" Ah, that's a good idea! Actually I also want to rest. "Said Bastian delighted with the possibility to just sit a moment and ask her to talk further. Disebuah They sat the bench." I'm thirsty, "Bastian said while just sitting down." I also, "she said. "Then wait a minute," Bastian said, standing kemabali. "I'll buy a drink." Bastian left the girl to a kiosk not far from sana.Tak long before he came back with two cans of cold drinks. "Thanks." said girl as she receives the submitted minuiman cans Bastian. He opened a can of the drink and slowly sipped a few sips. Bastian sat down again beside him. "Oh, yes .... I do not know your name," she said just as Bastian be sipped his drink. "Ah, I forgot." Bastian said off took a drink. "My name is Bastian." "I'm Fiona." "You're not Spanish?" "Not." "The English of course." "How do you know I am an Englishman? "" Your English is not accented. "" I was born in England. British citizens. My passport was also a British passport. But I do not feel the English. "" Strange, "" Strange? "" Yes. For me it was weird. In England I met many people who when seen from the color of their skin they are actually immigrants. But because they have a card and passport birth British English, they felt the English. "" When viewed from the origin, an Englishman who dared to claim that they are not direct descendants of immigrants will be faced with the reality of history to account for their recognition in the academic! As Caribbean people, Africa, India, and Pakistan the English ancestors: the Vikings. Norman, and Saxon into English may be said also as immigrants, as immigrants. England from time immemorial immigrants have invaded. So, we can not blame the people you mentioned had also thought of themselves as British. "" The Saxon and others that come from time immemorial. Already hundreds of years ago. "" Because that person is more entitled to the Anglo-Saxon claimed descent from the indigenous? Ah, if based on the length. The Arabs can actually claim that they were Spanish. Because the Arabs had occupied Spain for not less than seven hundred years. "" All right. I do not want to argue history with you. What is not clear, why you do not feel as the English? "" I have another establishment. "" You mean? "" I have mixed descent. Italy My mother's people. My father was Scottish. My grandfather's maternal Turks. Grandmother of Morocco "The girl stopped watching the youth at his side with a view waiting for a response." And his father's side, "said Bastian could not hide his curiosity." My grandmother's paternal grandfather of Pakistani while the English. "" No shit! European blood, the blood of African and Asian blood is in you, "" Maybe that is one reason my stance is different, "Almost accidentally dropped his eyes back Bastian violin resting on the Fiona to the bench where they sat. Immediately, he was trying to connect conversation by asking: "You must be an expert violinist," "Yes, playing the violin is one of my hobbies." "a very interesting hobby." "What about you? Do you like music? "Asked the girl looked straight into the eyes of Bastian." Yes, music is one of my hobby, "Bastian said Fiona accidentally copied the answers." You can certainly play a musical instrument? "" Only guitar. Can play a little guitar. "Bastian said, barely audible. Karuan he remembered the time he was in high school when he had come to play the guitar sekota championship in Bandung, he managed to emerge as the first champion. And since then, many friends, especially female friends, who memanggilya nicknamed "Eric Clapton". And the nickname was carried up to the campus when he took an active part of music activities to enliven the event extra-curricular events. "I like all kinds of music," said Bastian said memadang girl. "I like all kinds of music without exception. But I most like music Klassik. Mozart, Strauss, Bethoven, Wagner, and composers Vivaldi's my favorite." "I studied music at Durham University in northern England," said Fiona too, "just finished last year." he added as he sipped a cold drink cans back in his hands. "Ah, very interesting! Apparently your music scholar.'s Good to know you." "Ever been to Durham?" Fiona asked, smiling. "Ever." Bastian said excitedly. "You ever been to Durham?" she repeated, and apparently he became interested in the youth beside him. "It's been a long time. Probably about three years old then. I went there to watch the music festival." Bastian paused a moment. He like to think. Then he noticed the girl's back. "You are certainly to Madrid to participate in seminars, festivals, or perhaps a concert." he wanted to know more. Fiona shook her head. He looked at the violin leaned on the bench where they sat. "Not." she said softly. "I'll stay in Madrid." "Staying in Madrid?" "Yes. I want to deepen the Spanish language. And ... while working." "Teaching music?" "Not." Fiona said, shaking his head. Her blond hair, straight, hung to her shoulders, covering her soft cheeks. "I will work on the British Council English language teaching." "You teach English?" "Yes. Coincidence that there were jobs at the British Council." "Interesting." said the department looked into the other as if the words were not addressed to Fiona. "Did you say you've worked on the ship." said the girl. "Yes. I've worked on several ships oil tankers. Also freighter and cruise ships." "You've certainly around the world." "I was lucky enough to visit many countries. But work on the ship requires physical abilities. Anyway continuous physical work. Much of my time out on the ocean. For weeks I saw only the sea, seagull and dolphin fish." "What about sharks?" Fiona asked, smiling. "Sometimes sharks and whales." "Interesting." "But if what we see every day the same scene, same people so long .... so boring, too." "Why did you choose to work on the ship?" "Why did I choose to work on the ship? Ah, then I would not be in a position to choose." Bastian replied stunned. "It's nice if we could be in a position to choose." Fiona said without looking at Bastian. "If I could choose I want to do work that has to do with music. But the opportunity for that hard to find. The bannyak available, and that allows me to live abroad is just a job teaching English." "Yes, exactly the same as what I experienced ten years ago. The only possibility for me to be overseas, in order to travel the world at that time just working on the boat.'s Why I said before I am not in a position to choose." Bastian was silent. After returning canned drink a few sips, she began continued: "Apparently there are some similarities between us." "Yes, it seems so." Fiona said quietly. "We both love music.'re Welcome do not have a choice. And ... and I also worked as a teacher." Bastian said the girl turned. "You also teach?" asked Fiona as not sure. "Yes, teaching. I'm tired of physical work on." "Teaching what?" "Also the language." "Language?" Fiona asked, sounding surprised. "Also the English language?" he asked again. "I do not dare to teach English. I teach my own mother tongue." "Where are you from?" "Try to guess." Bastian said while watching Fiona can be felt more and more curious about him. "Philippines." "I am a Filipino?" Bastian smiled and shook his head. "You like the Philippines. I often meet people of the Philippines in London." Yes, the Philippines is quite a lot in London. But I myself was not the Philippines. "" You people of Malaysia! "" It's wrong. "" Thailand! "" No! "Quinn observed Bastian. A pair of soft eyes shone spotlight seemed so sharp that he was forced to look away without realizing it . 'Give up? "asked to give up." All right. I gave up. "I teach the Indonesian language." "Oh, so you people of Indonesia." "Yes. I'm an Indonesian." "Indonesia is a beautiful country." "Ever been to Indonesia?" "Not yet. Only I see through television shows and travel magazine. Where do you teach the Indonesian language." "At SOAS, in London." "You live in London?" "Yes. It's been five years." "Well, long enough." Fiona can put a half-empty beverage was under the bench. "I've been to India," he said. "been to Nepal, Burma and Thailand. What a pity to Indonesia yet. Maybe later when I was able to save more." The girl finished her sentence with a single breath. He looked far ahead as if he were mematrikan a determination in their hearts to start saving for the sake of realizing his desire to visit Indonesia one day later. "There are some of my friends who've been to Indonesia," he went back to the pandanganya Bastian. "They've been to Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi, Lombok and Komodo Island. They all want to visit again. They say the Indonesian people in general really like art, and sports. Is that right?" "I do not think it wrong." Bastian said. "My friends also said the Indonesia-friendly friendly and helpful. Is it true?" Fiona asked too. "I did not dare to answer with certainty. It's better you see for yourself. But, somehow, I felt a compliment. Thank you. I hope that you'll have time to Indonesia, you will meet with Indonesian people for the good of all as a experienced by your friends that. " Soon they left the rest. After a successful down the station stairs without difficulty, in and out of the metro, they finally arrived at the Garde L'est. Hours nearly 2400 o'clock. They went straight to the platform that kreta to Madrid. Crete was already waiting there. Bastian, Quinn followed up and put her suitcase in the trunk provided. His face was filled with perspiration. Panting breath. Fiona suitcase was heavy enough. "I do not know how I get into this kreta without your help." Fiona said. Thank you very much, Bastian. Thanks a lot.! "" Hopefully later arrival in Madrid you will not be too much trouble, "Bastian said while accepting the proffered bag Fiona. Because kreta Bastian leaving soon go down. A moment he stood on the platform. After waving to each other , the young man walked out of Quinn with the other passengers. But once it will come forth from the door of the platform, she suddenly heard a scream as her name. He stopped in his tracks as he turned the direction of the scream. Visible Quinn was running toward him. "What else happened, Fiona? "he asked after Quinn standing in front of him with his chest rose and fell. His face was tense. Her lips were pale." Alas! "Quinn almost screamed." My passport! My money! "" Why? Lost? "" Gone! Today is my fate really bad luck! "She said breathlessly." Help me "she begged plaintively." I do not have acquaintances or friends in Paris. No one else I know except you, Bastian! "Fiona remove eyes began to water." I need your help again to you. In Indonesia, which he said people like to please help. "" What can I do? Looking for your passport? Where should I look for?. "Bastian said almost in one breath a sigh. At that time he really did not know what to dilakukannya.Tetapi then he said:" Let us report to the police! "" Passports and the money I save in the bag, "said Quinn did not hear suggestions like Bastian." But this I do not see your bag. "" I'm sure to miss the above kreta had. "says she regrets her." Or perhaps .... ah, I so not sure. What is certain now I have no passport, no money. "Bastian suddenly remembered something:" It is you seek in your suitcase? "He asked." Passport and my money is always intentionally save in my bag. And the bag, I was sure I'd never enter into a suitcase. "" Then let's get reported to the police! "Back Bastian suggested, this time with a louder tone." What can the police? Kteta Soon it will go! "" Where is the last you see your bag? Try to remember again. "" I remember well. Before the ride kreta at the port of Calais was still there. "" You sure? "" I'm sure of it. I remember my bag before boarding kreta clothing. Yes, before I could ride kreta out tickets. "" So your tickets well in that bag? "" Fortunately not. After I remove the bag, I keep in a jacket pocket. "Fiona took the tickets from his jacket pocket." Here it comes, "he showed." So the only passport and money missing ...." Bastian could not continue his sentence because Fiona started to weep. In between sobs, she said haltingly, "Problem ... fit ... my passport was not ... not too worried. Later arrival in Madrid I could report to the British embassy. Ta ... pi ... money .... now I have no money. "Bastian was silent. He looked at Fiona's eyes gleaming flooded. Fiona bowed as if to hide his anxiety and grief. But then she was gaining strength. "Sorry, Bastian." he said. "I have too much trouble you." Needless to say again and again Fiona turn one half ran toward kreta. Bastian half running too quickly escorted from the side. "Hey, wait a minute!" he tried to stop Fiona. " Wait a minute! Let us solve your problem first, "said Quinn Bastian tried to block by standing in front of him. She was forced to stop." Listen, "Bastian said, pulling out his wallet from his pants pocket." Well, as you see yourself in my pocket there was only 600 Frs . Rest traveler checks and credit cards. I do not think I have time to find a bank that was open middle of the night. So here's the deal. We are for the two existing money is. Bastian split the money, separating the three bills as 100 Frs handed it to Quinn. Bastian surprised. Fiona was just stared at her as if doubting the sincerity of youth. "Why? Did you say ...... ah, I mean take it ... I understand your difficulty. Money is not how I give it with all pleasure." Fiona is still at Bastian. With tears in her eyes that was so soft. Bastian had the heart to beat faster. "You do not believe in my sincerity?" he asked quietly. "Accept!" he said half-pressed while the eyes of both were still collide. Quinn still not received. He just looked at Bastian. Bastian, so do not know what to do. Eyes gray is so soft but it felt like a stab by Bastian much to heart. The more clearly how he felt in his chest degupan quickened. "What are you waiting for? Take this money!" she demanded again, her voice trembling slightly. But Fiona just asked. "Where are you going to go in Paris the middle of the night?" "Is it important to know?" Bastian asked questions itun surprised at all unexpected. "Did you say this your first visit in Paris. You would not know the way." "It does not need to worry about. I have an old friend ..... I heard he lived in Paris." "You know he's staying where?" asked Fiona. Bastian shook his head. "I do not know the address," he said frank. "How can you find if you do not know the address?" there is a tone of worry from the way Quinn said that question. "Oo, it's easy. I could go to the Indonesian embassy and ask there." "Yes, but it was night." Bastian was silent. He seemed to realize he faced his own problems. "Whether you've got a hotel?" asked the girl too. "Not yet." Fiona was surprised. "No?" she repeated in surprise. "Do not worry. I've stop in many cities in the world. And the city Everywhere I go I never first book hotels or inns. In the vicinity of the station I'm sure a lot of hotels or inns that are still receiving." "Then keep your money was. You need it more than me." Bastian reminded of the three bills that are still held. "Do not worry about it. Take it. I give this money willingly." He handed the money back to Fiona. But Quinn would not want to accept. Suddenly there was an announcement in French through the soundsystem. "Crete is to Madrid will soon leave. Good-bye, Bastian. I will not forget your kindness," and immediately ran toward Fionapun kreta. Bastian had stunned. Everything happened so fast and sudden. But then she began running after Quinn is far enough away from him. "Fiona! Wait!" Bastian cried. But do not cry like the sound of Fiona. He continued to run while Bastian also kept chasing him. "Hey, do not be desperate!" Bastian cried again. "In the course kreta you'll need to eat and drink. Please accept this money!" Bastian information while continuing to pursue. Suddenly there she saw as an object fell from kecill the Fiona jacket pocket. He also ran toward the object, then picked up. Meanwhile, Fiona has entered into a kreta which began to move, no longer be pursued by Bastian. Now he just stood there staring at it till kreta disappeared from sight. Bastian out of the station est L'Garde. A highway was deserted long before her now. Bulbs that depends on both sides to give light at night, but the night was deserted. Paris was asleep. As she walked down the street, he then remembered the little things had picked up earlier. It turned out a record book addresses and phone numbers. Name, address, telephone number written on the Fiona the front page. Bastian kept walking and walked, hoping to soon find an inn that is still willing to receive guests.

The first night

it was Friday March 17 1977. Crete finally moved out of the station Victoria, London while the weather was overcast that lasted more than two weeks is still tense. Upon arrival at Folkstone, port city in east coast UK, like other passengers, Bastian must continue the journey by ferry. Before climbing the ship, he had looked into the gray sky, longing for the sun that was still reluctant to show up since last week. Fortunately the air in late spring was quite comfortable. And once inside the ship, Bastian decided immediately to the deck. There he saw a lot of the blond teenager sat down to meet all the benches and chairs are available. On average they wore jeans, sneakers and jacket. There is a large duffel bags and small scattered around them. Everything looks happy. Singing along with the noisy accompaniment of guitar and harmonica. Bastian stepped up to the rail. He stood there looking at the circumstances surrounding the harbor. Soon the ship away from the dock, and dock Itupun more and more dazed from view. Then vanished into the mist. A flock of seagulls follow the ship flying. Some dived into the sea fish scramble. Sea water spilled over by ship, leaving the foam that extends to the rear. And as he stood watching it, without realizing ingatannyapun extended into the past, to their homeland, to which Indonesia is now for him no more than an act that was long over, but not likewise forgotten. Again Narti stop in his memory. He closed his eyes. Trying to find the answer to the question: why do these days he often thought of the woman. Why now at the heart of a widespread desire increases even when he knows that now is not Narti old Narti. With shortness of breath he took. A kenyerian of guilt that it could not feel so dibenarkannya wring. From the beginning he knew that he had lost Narty, it was impossible to realize his dreams with Narty. But why is it only now that he really felt lost? A loss is not supposed to happen. A failure that could have dihindarkannya if he wanted. After completing studynya in English literature nine years ago, he wanted to satisfy his desire traveling abroad. And the only way open when it was just a sailor ships of foreign oil. When she expressed her desire to be a good opportunity memfaatkan to Narty hoping Narty will approve and support. But Bastian miscalculated. Narty was not like he knew all along. He really did not think that would not agree Narty. And Narty disagreement is based on reasons that can not be accepted at all. He still remembers the later flare occurred. Narty time can not think up. Narty still so childish. Concern in case of separation and new experiences that will be pursued later Bastian overseas will make it forget Bastian and change course, when it can only be interpreted by Bastian as evidence of the shallowness of her understanding Narty and her distrust him. And he felt he had done much to convince Narty so do not ever doubt his love. Through words and actions he has repeatedly shown his sincerity to formally institutionalize their relationship. But Narty want to be made soon. "Soon?" "What else should we wait?. My parents had one hundred percent agree." Narty words like indicting. "We have a lot to brown first, Ty. You know I do not work. I do not dare to marry before a job." "It does not need you to think." "You mean?" "I've talked to Papa. Papa says happened in his office there was a position that was vacant and could you fill. You certainly do not mind?" Narty said with a smile sulk. "You mean the one office I worked with your dad?" "What's wrong?" "One office with your brothers, your uncle. Nephew and brothers of the other?" "Yes. What's wrong?. And if you want to accept the job, Dad said we would get a free home and vehicle. Just all wrong." Narty said proudly. Bastian took a deep breath, then shook his head. "Why are you shaking?. It would not hurt, right?" "One's not. But it's hard!" Bastian said. "Difficult?" Hard! "" Ah, I know what the difficulty, Bas. You would feel awkward to talk directly at Papa to express approval. Right? "Narti terseyum, because he believed it was true dugaanyang."'s Not the point. "" Ah, do not worry. Later I'll say. You've been quiet. "" Narti! "" Yes? "" I told you. Not the point! "" Then, because what? "Bastian did not answer directly. Expression indicates efforts to find the words right." What is it? "Narty urged impatiently." I want to look for experience. "Bastian said, as apart from a heavy burden. "Looking for experience?" repeated Narty assured. "Looking for experience .... looking for ....."" Do you think that by accepting the position offered you Papa will not get experience? "" From the little I used to dream can abroad. Want to search abroad experience. "Regardless Narty he said." Yes, look for experience abroad. "She repeated as addressed to himself. Narty karuan just laughed. He was not able to hide kegeliannya hear confession that she recalled Bastian never uttered before . 'What's that you think is funny? "Bastian said seriously." Why should the way for overseas experience, and experience of working at home can not you? "Narti mellihat Bastian face suddenly changed." Sorry, "he said , "...... I mean people who have to go work abroad was not it mostly because it can not work in their own country ..." "And that you think is funny, huh?" said Bastian, a rising tone. "Bas I do not think you could be so naive! "" Naive? "" Apparently you can not imagine myself. Position it would open a big opportunity for you to travel abroad. To many countries, Bas!. To many countries! "" How do you know? "" Ah, how I know! From Papa dong! Papa said so, koq! Yes, like Papa. Often go abroad for work. "" What have you to offer a deep thought? "Bastian said. The confusion seen in Narty face when he asked:" Why else would think? "" Did you think about what will people think? " "You mean?" "Your father put his people, his family and his brothers own. Moreover, it was done in a government department. Do not you think your father's reputation? Are you not ashamed that your father was branded using office for personal and family interests? Selecting people based on favoritism and nepotism? "" Ah, that's Daddy! "" Papa's business? "" Besides that it's so common. On the other department department too! Even more ugly! Yes, who does not use position for personal gain? What you can give an example? "Bastian was silent. He tried to draw a long breath without looking Narti." That's Daddy, Bas. You need not worry. What is important for both of us you can sit there and held the position that allows you to realize ambition to travel abroad. "" Okay. That's your father. Business he is if he memfaatkan position and kewenanganya for his own family interests. And ... yes, it was not him alone who do so. Well, I'm not going to wide long-winded about it. Later I was branded an idealist ass! "Narty looked offended. There kecemberutan lines that really do not want her show, but it was obvious." From the beginning you're self-idealist! "She snapped with emotion," And if you want to succeed in such crazy times now, people should not be idealistic daydreamer daydreamer-puritanical self-righteous, self-troubling reputation and public interest, but the realist jelly-realist take advantage of circumstances with a pragmatic attitude! "Bastian again silenced. He was astonished at what is usually talked Narti always gentle a voice so sharp. "Look," continued the girl getting excited, "the younger leaders force ...... yes, previously they were so noisy demonstrations condemning all ills, all forms of corruption, injustice and penyalahkan - use ...... but so soft ... dikasi office er, their voices never sounded again. They just go do what used to be the target of their keceman! "" You're right, Ty. You're right. "Bastian said as surrender to calm her." People really idealistic people who fail to understand and take advantage of the demands of reality, and find strength in the world of ideas, theories collected here and there to condemn realist-realist works! "Bastian stunned. He did not think could Narty words like that." Ah, Ty, I mean actually much simpler. "he said after a long silence, and he deliberately stopped to wait for the reaction Narty. But Narty just looked at briefly and then turned his face. "Can I go on?" Bastian said cautiously. Narty silent. "I mean this. Later there would be only certain people who berpenilaian that without your father's no way I'll be able to get the position you are offering it. For me it is very necessary to think about. And more necessary because their assessment was not wrong! "" Bas, why do we have to think about what other people say while we do not concern them? "Narty said in a tone that high again," if we give rights to others to interfere with our affairs, to influence us, it's not their fault. One of our own! Our own fault! "Bastian gasped again." My father always told me, "continued Narty too." Someone else's, if we fail, they laughed. If we succeed, they ngiri. Awry. Why not have neglected! "" But Ty, you have to understand. Another person's assessment in accordance with my own words. "" You mean? "" Other people's assessment may not kuperdulikan. But what was whispered by my inner voice I can not deny. "Now change Narty silent. A clear picture of disappointment on his face." Ty, I hope you do not misinterpretation. To offer your father is not easy to get it I'm very grateful ...." "But with great regret to refuse it .... do not you think you want to say?" Narty cut sharply. "We have to refuse for the sake of my dignity intact!" Bastian was another pause. "If that's the point, you've put your pride on the wrong place, Bastian. I do not think anyone could succeed without the help and support of others. There are times when we must humbly allow ourselves to be helped because the later will come the same time we have to help. I think life is already so there should be. Yeah, right, Bas? "" Narty! "Bastian suddenly shouted. And that was the first time he had shouted at her, so Narty shocked. A pair of beautiful eyes wide as his chest rose and fell. He immediately tried to hide the surprise, but he felt did not succeed. "Be angry if you want to be mad. All that kutakan because I love you. Because I want us to be together. To be worthy of our lives. So that our descendants can be guaranteed. Have a hope and future, "said she, almost crying." Everyone had such a desire, Narti. I'm no exception. But am I wrong if I tried to reach it with my own way and? Not in a way that offered by your parents? Not the way you want? What I expect from you and your parents rather than help, Narty. Just understanding. No more than that. If you do love me why you can not give more than an understanding of life choices that have I decided? "" Choice contains many risks. I can not imagine what you can accomplish by working on the ship, by looking at the experience overseas. After all, it is unclear to me what you mean by looking for experiences outside the country. Everything was blurred. "" It is completely blurred. But believe in one or two years to come it will become clear. "" Why do all that we have to wait? And if you accept the offer Papa, it soon became clear without having to wait. "" So you want me to work, go home early evening. Into the environment where the opportunity is given to people who are not closer to a more appropriate person, where compliance is more valued than the ability, where performance is determined ultimately by the end of the pen, in which intelligence is more decisive licking promotion? "Narty slowly slowly lowered his head. He tried menyembuyikan eyes suddenly berllinang cascade behind her hair. "Narty Besides, there, in an environment like that, yesterday, today and tomorrow is like rolling a wheel. Every day there are always events and experiences, but all will dissolve only in keberulangan daily life, routine is always and necessarily. Environment with a similar scene, a similar requirement and similar issues. Environment where all people trying to find the face and look for opportunities of corruption. Should efforts already struggle kutempuh life since I entered elementary school ended with letting myself stuck in such environments? Does life have to kulakoni the resignation to be in an actual fact I did not like, but other options are not there? "Narty not answer. And since then he never replied. With a very mournful heart Bastian left the country, leaving the beloved Narty . Two years later he returned with the intention of proving the promise and his love for her. But the way of life can not be ascertained. Narty Bastian have already married. even been blessed with a son. Nearly half of desperation, he decided to once again choose to work in ship, once again leaving the country, but with a determination: he will attempt to completely throw all the memories that made her chest disarati Baban. Tamparan intensified sea breeze hitting his body. The air was biting now. He buttoned his jacket. Soon the ferry was docked at the harbor pier west of Calais in France. The journey now must continue with kreta fire. It was night, and had a bit late at night when the wheels roll kreta fire in the city of Paris. High-rise buildings, flashing on the right - left. Millions menyemaraki scattered electric lights at night. So this is Paris. The city is for some reason have not been visited before. The city is always mentioned by Honore de Balzac, Alexander Dumas and Guy de Maupassant in their novels are very impressive. He can not wait to through the streets of Paris who never gave the impression that the romance in the life of Armand Duval Rastinag or read from the novel. But before it could do, he had to meet Ruben Sugandi, a friend in high school bench. I do not know how many years he never met with Ruben Sugandi. It seemed so long. What he knew of another friend, Ruben has spent years living in Paris. They say he had married a French woman and had two children. They settled in Paris. For travel Bastian entering Paris was very exciting. It seemed so short when she realized kreta started toward the station Gare Du Nord.untuk then stopped altogether, but Bastian as reluctant to leave his seat. He deliberately let the other passengers off first. After the queue stretched a little before he rose. Having a small bag containing clothes and some fruit Sekedarnya novels. Once the legs are tired down the stairs kreta, suddenly he was startled by the sound of something falling. A blonde girl, dressed in jeans and a brown leather jacket faded. She was busy collecting belongings were scattered apart on the platform. Apparently, when he dropped a large suitcase up the stairs kreta, its handle broke. The bag was dropped and it threw up a mess. The other passengers did not seem concerned. They walked alone in haste. Standing platform, Bastian hesitated for a moment. She was still busy picking up his belongings scattered in between the legs of the swing a hurry. Then without thinking, again, Bastian helped. "Thank you," she said after all the stuff back in. into a suitcase. "Oh, my journey is still long," she said as if addressing to himself. He bercik-bercik wiped sweat from his brow with one hand. "I do not understand how I now this damn suitcase," he added, without looking at Bastian. But like the new Bastian noticed, suddenly staring at him.

When the chair is return back

Out already! Finally all the collected property the hard work of many years has changed hands. Confiscated by the bank! And all happened only because kecerobohanku not insure the latest electronics products that I bought from Jakarta and in the way ship carrying four containers of stuff to swallow the ocean sink. The entire crew was killed! And unfortunately, I also have to pay compensation to their families. Ship worth 800 million mine gone! The bank did not dare to give additional loans because they have given tolerance when I was in arrears for two months installment. And now all all anggunanku confiscated. Houses, cars, acres of land and bonds, exhausted already. Only left a few pieces of clothes and little money from the sale of goods is not taken, and from savings on behalf of my child, Idrus, fifth grade students.
Kemalanganku tidak berakhir begitu saja. My wife too talkative confiscated. Yes, my wife confiscated by nature selfish and materialistisnya, when I was on the verge of collapse. He has been in a hurry to leave and Idrus, carrying all that could be carried. Incidentally there are several houses and the land that I bought in his name. But disisakannya me in the least. My friends who used to laugh with me too cheap, even for only a split tear anything! Bad luck streak at home as dwelling in my life.
A month later, I rent housing in the suburbs. A housing complex is very simple. I live with Idrus. He still had to go to school for a better life. For our needs everyday I worked as a labor contract workers who work in a contracting company once owned by my friend, only she did not know if I work there. After school selling popsicles Idrus's next door neighbor. Bad result for us to add vegetables. Confiscated from the house that I took one my favorite things into our new house. An easy chair.
Environment in which we live is very friendly. A hospitality that was born of sincerity. Hospitality that had been limited only dream, because I knew that the good of all who claim to be my friend is a pack of kentalku their interests.
Work hard! Our life full of hard work. And at night when we were, me and Idrus, was in the living room, I was in the chair and Idrus malasku under their bellies are his homework, "tomorrow you finished the work contract, we are forced to economize even stricter, because the next project coming out of Working his command in two weeks. Tomorrow we eat enough rice mixed with salt and cooking oil plus a cracker huh? "
"Yes sir, Idrus's okay to eat anything, just .. just do not mix rock .. ha ... ha", Idrus said he asked jokingly.
I smiled saw, with amusement in the chest. But there was also thunder there. The soothing roar of happiness and calm. Alhamdulillah. O God, have you remind me again a big favor from you which is almost forgotten. Pious child! Idrus, too, who has made me aware of preoccupation to contemplate the fate. Habit to the Koran after solat maghrib, reading prayers chanted loudly at dawn, the soft-spoken and polite, diterik zeal to be the sun, carrying a thermos of ice. Subhanallah, amazing! He is more brave than me! thank you, Id. I'll take care As with grace and trust.
While awaiting a call back from the foreman job, berbekalkan paper and bolpoint I tried to write some short stories, while it Idrus still selling ice. Two, three short stories have been successfully made, my heart just hope, hopefully loaded! Honornya can later use to buy new shoes Idrus.
Not to mention up to two weeks I called back to work. Lobbying power of our boss has been able to accelerate the process work out the Warrant. And, of course: Money! I'll be back to get money. Can be discarded while kerisauanku. Alhamdulillah. O God, may rizki that you gave me can give menfaat in our lives.
On the first day we worked, downtown location disuatu a plan to build a mall. Our leadership falls directly into the field to encourage their workers. We collected and proudly he stood in front of us. "Brothers - brothers, today we will start a big job. Saya selaku pimpinan perusahaan berharap bahwa saudara-saudara akan bekerja dengan giat dan penuh semangat. Bla ... Bla ... Bla. Good work!
Echoing applause. All workers are proud of his leadership. I smiled a little. I know who he is, big Tricksters! I walked into the barracks and prepare my gear. When I came out of the barracks with all the completeness and readiness to work. Word, our leader who had made a speech in front in front of me, looked at me with bulging eyes as well.
"Are not you Randy", Word asks me
"Yeah Man, I'm Randy, so what?" I said a little sharply. I know exactly who he is. Had he not a leader where I worked I would have hit him!!
"Ha ... ha ... ha. Finally met also with poor entrepreneurs, So .. now you become buruhku heehee. Entrepreneur proud buruhku now. Satisfied. Puas aku melihatnya..dan kau tahu istrimu? Now he becomes her savings, may also serve .. Ha ha ha. "Mockery it gives me tremendous pain. Terrible insult and plunged to the bottom of the heart, memporak-qana'ah patience and devastating that I have coached so far.
"BBUUKKH" .. "PPAAKKH", a two pukulanku landed on his face and body. Word staggered, I kept trying to catch up, but some people get even four people meregangku direct bodyguards beat. But they did not blow me feel anymore. Stroke pain they lost! defeated by a sense puasku who successfully beat the Word and also lost. Defeated by pain because hinaannya.
"Fuck you, ndy. starting this minute you get out of this location! you are putting out do not ever hinamu face in front of me! ", Word snorted angrily and walked away.
I stay alone. My friends were too scared to give aid. I understand. Stomach! Stomach can change the behavior and the courage of each person. With unsteady steps I went home. My heart can only cry. Why should I lead such a hard life!
I've got home. At the entrance I saw worn shoes Idrus. Why did he not go to school? if he missed, sick, or is sent home early? I do not care, I just wanted to rest dikursi malasku. Without saying hello again I opened the front door and kudapati.Idrus absorbed malasku rocking in a chair. He was surprised to see the door burst open. As soon as he got up and in ketergopohannya.
"PPRRRAAAAKKK". Recliner was broken! Favorite recliner broke. My heart is burning hot growing. As hard as possible kupekik name "IIIDDRRUUUUUUSS. What are you doing with my chair hhaah!?! "
"Tttiii .. .. Iidd intentionally ttiiiddakk, Pppaakk", Idrus said haltingly. His face was pale. But I do not care back and "PPLLAAAKKKK". One hit my hard slap on the cheek. Idrus stumbled and fell. Not to mention that he felt the salty blood from her lips I connect again with a kick as he barked.
"BBUUKKKHH". "Go away you damn kids. There you go! not anymore you injakkan feet to my house. PEERRGGIIIII! "Idrus collar pulled, dragged and tossed out of the house. Then I close and lock the door from inside. I do not want to know what Idrus was outside. I'm late, late in the preoccupation kicking it malasku chair. Trying to kick my bad life. Trying to throw away my irritation. And I'm lying. Dark. And I was fast asleep.
"ALLAHU AKBAR, ALLAAAHU AKBAR", Maghrib Adhan!! Adzan's voice woke me instantly but I continue to sleep and sleep.
"Knock knock. Good morning. Mr. Randy there? "
A loud noise woke me. I saw the clock. 10:30 hrs in the morning! Crazy I slept too long. I got up and opened the door. I found Mr. Post who was holding a sheet of paper. He kindly said to me "Sorry sir disturbing, this is a money order and a letter to Mr. Randy." He handed the sheet of paper that had been held. I received while I thank you. He went again fulfill his duty. I entered, closed the door, reading the papers. My feelings had changed drastically become tangled full of fun. I shouted happily, heading for the bedroom.
"Id ... Id. Father short story published, Id. You could honornya. Tomorrow we are to the market. We retire usangmu shoes. Ha ha. Id, Id. Idrus not found in the room. MasyaAllah, I remember now. Overnight. Last night Id. Oh God what have I done? "
"Iiiiddd ... Iiiidd" I rushed out. But he also was found there. Only people who look at me through in wonder. I fell back. My lips just a thin hiss "Where are you?"
Two weeks after the departure Id. I'm back against. Where else should I seek my son? The whole point of the town and village has me explore. All his friends have come, but which I found just the stories that held so much mystery. None of them knew exactly presence Id. I walked haltingly toward the bedroom. I looked at the piles of papers published cerpenku. I picked up and read again. A story about a pious boy who gave indirect awareness to parents who live alone anymore. Father. Through the attitude and behavior. Yes! It is the story of Id. The story of my favorite kids and now two weeks have I lost. Come back, Id. Come back, kid. I was wrong. I plead guilty. Should not I visit my irritation with you. No tears were flowing. I'm whining! I realized that the Id was able to make me strong!
I do not want to surrender and remain silent. Somehow I have to continue to seek. That's what I always said Id me. But where. Where else would I look for. For two weeks, from late morning until sunset I was looking for. Going home later that night I go again.
Maghrib imperceptibly is coming. I shower and prepare for the maghrib prayer, an activity that never forget my routine while I'm excited!
"Allahu Akbar." Bertakbir and I started praying.
"Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi. Assalamualaikum Warahamatullahi "
After dhikr, I raised both my hands and prayed "O Lord God of everything that exists in this universe .. It's not a lot of pleasure and deposit belongs to you as you take it back from me. But when should I ask for the return the trust that once you entrust to me. Because the light has been able to illuminate my path and take me on thy Hidayah. Oh God, just and kepadamulah I worship Thee only step that I ask for help. Subhanallah. "
My prayer is over. And along with the completion of my prayers.
A voice came from the front door. The voice sounded very, very familiar in my ears. Sound .. always be missed. Could it be? I stormed out, still with berkopiah in a sarong and I opened the door and I saw. Praise Allah. He has returned. Id have to go home. Immediately I hugged him. Unbearable tears again. I looked at his face a slightly concave teredak he attempted to say to me.
"Sir, sir. Id mmmaauuu ... "
"Do not go back Id. Do not go again. Do not leave you alone. Mr. apologize, Id. Father Forgive. "
I brought it into the house, I felt his body was still vibrating .. Could he still afraid of me? Suddenly he held his body. Stop by my invitation. I was frantic and asked "Why, Id? Why.?? "
Id just bowed, then he is led back to the front door. I followed him .. and when we reached the front door. "Id work, sir, and this ... This is, sir. This work, Id "
I looked out. I was surprised. I swear I was surprised. Because the outside I found a chaise longue!

Sound of broken glass

He looked at the mirror that reflects the figures. Suddenly she hated with a figure standing in front of him. He does not like being confronted by his shadow, but someone else; weak and dispirited with empty eyes.
"You're a bastard!" His voice growled. His hands outstretched to the neck, grabbed a blue tie filled with blood red latitude. Suddenly, the glass was broken. From the cracks of fresh blood flowing, dripping onto the floor.
"This Day I will be able to work." Zulfani looked figure in the mirror. Very strong. His brother, Joseph, who just returned from the Dawn Prayer at the surau, snorted as he entered the room. I do not know how many times he heard the same words, but always nothing has changed. Every time Zulfani home, the same thing brought into the house; complaint that he was denied again.
"You do not believe it?" Zulfani still smiling. "See, now I wear a tie."
"Not sure, but do not believe it." Joseph smirked. "People will not hire you because of the tie."
Zulfani pretended not care even though his heart sank treated as such. He improved fall-tie, blue filled with blood red latitude. His eyes kept a great sense of pride.
"Do not go, we scavenged it!" Joseph shouted from the room. "The result is clear, you know it. In fact, you are spending all my earnings."
Syriac, his mother, was accustomed to spicy to hear it. Actually, he also agreed with Joseph, that Zulfani less reliable. Every day, they work just spend money to make a job application and cost him. But as parents, of course he should not be like that, but just that none of the children who feel dianaktirikan.
"Joseph, keep talk." His voice was soft, warned Joseph swear at him to stop. "Zulfani also tried, did not remain silent."
"The important result, ma'am. It's no high school if to be unemployed. Shit I used to school."
Syriac felt a sudden burst in the heart. Sudden bones brittle. Slowly he felt his blood flowing to the top of his head, so hard that his eyes are dark red immediately. Instantly she remembered her late husband. Seeing this scene, his face pale Yusup. Immediately he approached his mother, "Excuse me, ma'am, I mean idak brought up."
Joseph took a breath. He glanced at the still Zulfani mematut himself in the mirror.
"Come on, Soup!" Her voice soft. "Pray so fast Zulfani can work."
Joseph entered the room. He had to succumb. From the first, since late father was still alive. Father himself was conditioned to each of the oldest get more respect than the younger. But unlike my father's mother, who did not choose love. Zulfani very proud father, for whatever reason.
"My mother left. Do not forget to wake the girls before you go." Syriac rushed bad scarf slung over his shoulder. She took ayaman bamboo baskets, brought on by squeezing her arm.
Joseph approached the three sister who was still curled on the floor; overlap barrack-like pile of junk Joseph placed beside the house. One after another, until they jumped dihentakkannya. "Hayo wake up!"
No matter Zulfani three younger brothers Joseph complained about the treatment. He admired the cool tie around his neck. Smiles.
"Stop!" Joseph said of the page. "Do not forget, you're sent home shirt Markasan brother when it's over. Do not let the nagging wife mempersoalkannya."
Zulfani silent. He informed Joseph cynical attitude.

"I will be working today." Zulfani imagine not expect her to leave home. He brought light blue folder containing the application files. He fertilizer spirit in him with good things. He walked in the hallway was still deserted villages to the highway. His tie flapping in the wind. Dia menyiulkan sebuah lagu yang riang hingga pagi seperti ikut menyanyi. Normally, each time through the alley to go to town with the same goal, his heart was always overwhelmed with disbelief. He imagined to be disappointed again. Even so, he never prepared myself for disappointment, so that when she rejected his proposal directly lesuh. Now, he's like do not think will be disappointed again. Without felt he had reached the highway. Dicegatnya a angkot that would take him to the city.
"You're so cheerful." One of the passengers to call it. He smiled.
Most of the passengers in the angkot were mothers who brought baskets, baskets empty. He always met with them every day. They want to market to buy various kinds of vegetables to be sold around the housing complexes, just like her mother.
"You look different?" asks one.
He nodded.
"It can work?"
He shook his head.
"You look like someone who had a job."
"I'm still looking for it, Mom."
"I do not care how long."
"You're so persistent."
"Thank you, ma'am."
As usual, they talked again. Initially him they were talking about, persistence in seeking a job, and enthusiasm unflagging. Then they talk about the work that mothers, who met once since the first still be around the vegetable traders. Nothing has changed, except that Zulfan now wearing a tie around his neck.
"I wish my child like you," said one mother. "My son even faster disappointed. Only three times rejected his application, immediately discouraged. Yesterday he was arrested caught stealing in the supermarket. Ketiban shit I even had to pay Rp500.000 to the officers to be free. It can be where my money," said one .
"My son does not like you. If only high spirits, must be able to help ease the burden on my family to bear alone. He was never aware that his father was and sickly," said another.
Without their conversation was flowing like angkot rate which then stopped once he was in town. All the passengers off, the last Zulfani.
"Hopefully this time you succeed," said one mother before they split up.
Zulfani nodded. He imagined the job would be waiting. He could make sure that receiving a summons

Zulfani knew the area that will go. He planned to walk there, but save money too calm degub heart always gemerusuh every time to do something. He also thought, at this hour there is no company that is open, so he had plenty of time to walk to the office.
"Apa betul ini kantor pengacara yang sedang buka lowongan itu?" Zulfani reprimand traders stop the cart in front of the office complex.
Sarmin, merchant, was disturbed by his presence. He put a plate of boiled noodles are about to eaten. "Sampean nanya what was it?"
"The lawyer's office?"
"What lawyer?"
"I want to apply."
"Work? Doing what?"
"I can call. Look at this!" Zulfani showed me a letter with letterhead calls a lawyer's office.
"Yeah, right. This is his office." Sarmin menujuk a shop behind him, lined up with the other buildings. "That office would you datangani."
Sarmin suddenly chuckling.
"Look at that! Building was exploded yesterday. There are people who put the bill in the building. They say the case against the lawyer assisted the client in the office who put the bomb because the case lost in court."
Zulfani not believe it. Studied Sarmin designated buildings. Because less clear, he approached the building. Dicocokkannya address on the letter with the number on the ruins of the building. Shivered suddenly very great, and merapuh joints.
He remembers talk Yusup. His head instantly went blank. He went without knowing the purpose. When he arrived home, she went to the bathroom. Mematut himself in the mirror. He was attacked by a great hatred to yourself. He looked at his figure in the mirror, and mounting resentment.
Suddenly everyone in the house startled to hear glass breaking sound.

My story

Could not help also Antini surprised when her husband said that he really would leave the country. The truth is since two years ago many times he said it was his wish. Really ngewuhake. How would he be proud when her husband managed to get his doctorate from the famous universities abroad, in such a young age. But how did the heavy burden they have to be separated and clothing when unpredictable distance away, for a long period later? Maybe Antini own husband will not feel it as a big problem, because his insanity practiced in the study so far as to drown the others.

But finally gave up Antini too, and even providing his own support for her husband's departure to overseas. He had three times to see Mbah Ndemo.

"Yeah, you know, Jeng. The fence is necessary. For the safety of us all," said Miss Lady, when I first suggested to Antini to go to smart people. To request a "fence" for her husband who will be released into the distant place.

"But we have to enclose yourself too, you know. That way our defense and security of the stronger, and we do not have to worry about the threat to our unity and integrity, the integrity of our household. Thus we no longer need to worry about the danger of disintegration." Bi Ida lectures so that the radio announcer with artificial style, like an orator in the rain.
"Mas, what will sampeyan not lonely?" Antini asked as he wrapped his hands on her waist.
"Do not worry. I'll have a lot of work and the work to be very effective to kill the loneliness."
"Alaaaaa ... .... Like enggak know aja! Sampeyan Usually when I'm much work, being busy, even the higher voltage it!"
"Szzhxhpmmmffzh ...." They kissed. And Dodi, it Antini husband, now truly hooked. Dibopongnya his wife, brought into the room and recline on the bed. Seeing his wife on his back, Dodi like trance. He began to dance. More precisely, they are. They danced. Like the gods. Dancing, the rhythm of heaven. That usually. That is, their habits. Discussion is always broken, cut off in the middle of the bed.
For them is nonsense that the husband-wife problems will be over in bed. To the question "is" yes. But others are not.
"Um ...."
"Well, right ....?"
"Sampeyan kok said to overcome loneliness. With the busyness, the .... Gombale mukiya!"
"Come on. Do not worry. We're, you have a computer. Later we put the internet. Before leaving, I'll take care of the ISP. With the Internet we will be able to meet any time. Never again worry about loneliness."
Dodipun then left for overseas. And his wife, Antini, still live in housing Asri Estate with her daughter who was a toddler, with a nursery maid, servant, maid, housemaid, or whatever his name, a woman of 50 years who was called Mbok Nem.
First Antini only use the internet facility in the IRC, to chat with her husband, spilling longing, and even more to ensure that the spare time her husband was not going anywhere. But then the new acquaintance can Antini, can more new acquaintances, may again, be again. There are from other continents, some from neighboring countries, but many are also living with Antini sekota. They, Antini new acquaintances, it is lonely people. There is still a virgin who claims there is a claim to a widower, and even some who claim to have a wife but not straightforwardly expressed niyatnya to find a partner having an affair! Of the new acquaintances that knew Antini more and more functions can optimize your internet. Antini even now have their own home page, has more than 5 pieces of e-mail. Antini know now, that the Internet is more and more powerful magic than Cupu Manik Astagina, which supposedly can be used to wander the world, and even to summon the gods, but which then makes Anjani brothers changed intentions so the monkey.
Every day more and more preoccupied with Antini new world. Shared Internet, no day no night, he'll explore the virtual world. World without borders. Now, if he reasonably busy and can not chat with her, Antini be more pleased. Really, really powerful, the Internet was. Only in a matter of months, not even 5 months, has turned into Antini others. Different. Very different with the Mrs Antini Dodi 5 months ago. If at best yesterday, yesterday met only Antini sports tennis, playing golf now, no longer awkward, he?
Middle of the night he sent an e-mail to her husband, said that the next day to visit his parents in Trenggalek there, but early in the morning he left for the airport instead. A gallant man had been waiting for. A moment later, flew Antini. Together with his new god. To heaven! He will dance, like the angel berselendang silk. The gods drunk. And the more Antini trance, like a dancer who left behind a horse jurugambuh lumping him. Will continue to dance. Dancing continues, to death!
When he awoke, screaming Antini softly. He was surprised. Apparently he knew had thrown from heaven. Now he lay in a room of a five-star hotel. On the other cities. With another man. The smell of flowers and the fragrant smell of incense in a dream, or more precisely at the time he possessed dancing before, now no more. What remained was the smell of sweat and Ompol drunk man beside him. Strong.
"Diamput! Mas Dodi would have done well."
Home. Arriving home, the first thing he did was check e-mail. Which he first opened the e-mail at There is an e-mail from someone with the address: damarwulan @ u. .. Here's the contents:
"Tin, I hope you all always. When can we meet? Come on. It's a new millennium. Or you are deliberately playing? I've been waiting for, from next week until next month, then next year. Now the century to come yesterday, even the coming millennium really has come. Come on, Tin. Dance with me. Come on! I have a dance of the millennium, which should you believe much more beautiful than a god moves ever drunk as you tell it. Come on, Tin. Yes. ..? "
Antini laughed. Somewhat ruefully, actually. He wanted sorry but I can not, or more precisely is: not yet. Would be proud, not happy, can not too.
But he was curious, too, with a man who called Ramses, who use e-mail address damarwulan @ u. .. that. The man had sent some pictures to Antini. If the photos are pictures of other people, or indeed his picture, but not the newest but the oldest picture is another matter. But the voice on the phone,
Antini sure that Ramesses would segagah picture. What a pity is that Ramses Antini people do not top-check like most other men. Less aggressive. So immediately responded by challenging Antini to meet at home. "If you want do not wait up for me. But come to the house. Now I am waiting for you. Go with the first flight tomorrow. Because we only have until the day after tomorrow, when the maid and my son will come together
my parents from the village. Okay? "
The next day, they actually met. The glass was prepared. Anggurpun immediately poured. Then they dance. Both. They are late, really late in the dance movement known as Ramses the millennium dance, which at the ends not much different from the horse lumping. Possessed, too! They still Klenger room when the bell rang.
Antini first awoke. And immediately opened the door. He is almost back Klenger when he saw a dog in front of her hat, with a sharp burning eyes, grinned, revealing gingsul husband. The dog was wearing jeans and t-shirt, bright colors. Both the t-shirt worn by both the lap-top which carry the dog, saw the identity Antini college where her husband continued his studies. Antini have fought a thousand questions before spoken. But Antini throat stuffiness. When he managed to open his mouth, a voice came out very simply: "Hugh ... hug ... hug ....!!!!!"**
This short story ever published Java Pos early 2000. Nabonenar Bonari first poetry and short stories written by Java language. Short stories in Indonesian language was not a lot. But the boy's birth in 1964 Trenggalek was once also wrote a short novel, Dream and Storm, published Java Pos early 1995. Active in the studio Triwida Javanese literature, and also in the Circle of Friends follow-up Literature Author Surabaya Java

I'm carzy person

I'm a crazy person
Although my father had to work early in the morning, she never complained and got angry. My father was a diligent employee. Pedaling my dad all day with sweat pouring down his parents and panting. Sunset before he came home with a sense of fatigue. However, each received a weekly salary he never forgot to bring a souvenir for me. Sometimes a pack of two butirpermen or salted nuts. it's neat for me cukupmenggembirakan, children of poor families in Tegal, Central Java.
My mother was also very diligent. Only do not take care of household well, but also small-scale trading to supplement their income. So, if our lives were always short, the least they can not be blamed. Maybe we were meant for the poor and miserable fate should be.
All of a sudden, for whatever reason, one day my father came home from work other than normal, temperament changed. He often smiled to myself and did not want to work. I'm no longer invited kidding. To me he was always laughing, but his eyes did not look at me and not say anything. And mother never told me, "If you're a big up, be like your father. He was a man of honest and brave. Now, how pathetic.
Temperament my father more confusing. He likes to shout, far different from his past that is gentle and loving. Temah schoolmates say, my father had changed the memory, aka not sane. Oh God, really it? Really I'm a crazy person? "Do not you care about what they say," Mother said, every time I tell my friends scoffed that sambilmenangis. "After all he is your father. And you must remain proud to be his son."
I really admire my mother. He, who is now toiling all day to no time to rest, my father faithfully serve the growing la-ma more violent, so I'm afraid to approach, so it happened that it meremangkan chilling when one night she slept in the back room, while the front room is occupied my grandmother's old. As usual, history sick mind, my father slept in the halls room. Suddenly I woke mother who was asleep at his side, and with bated breath she sent me out as soon as possible. I was surprised and confused.
Why? I wondered. Are you also have ...? Oh, no. Apparently he kissed a bad feeling because my father was yelling furiously, blocking the back door. I even dragged my mother to. the front door. But it was too late. My father jumped up and grabbed kebaya mother, then dipped kiknya hard. Mom can not make a sound. I'm the one who was screaming for help. My grandmother woke up. He tried to release her. But what the old woman's weak. My grandmother encouraged my father to fall into tiles and cracked his head against the door.
Fortunately, the neighbors arrive. They prevent gang, but did not succeed. My father is like a man possessed. Whether the power of which caused my father to have that much power. Then my dad fury subsided after two men arrived and persuaded my uncle to release Mother's father from the clutches his hands.
Irrespective of the mother as though pole gantunsan. He fell back with his face still scared. While my father even started smiling back as he curses sell elusive. So since then my father so famous, people discussed everywhere because of the dangerous madness. Especially after he was homeless, without purpose, laughing and cursing the whole way. Everyone knew his name, and I got carried away carried the title "son of a madman", a title which makes diiiku shunned and cut off my school friends. Nothing else kec4ali familiar with my mother.
Mother only oranq kampunq uneducated. But my mom is a great educator who was credited. He always asked me politely for more than complain to God to fellow human beings. On certain nights he woke me to run tahajud prayers.
"Whatever happens, do not be angry with God because we do not know what the hidden wisdom behind his semuakehendak," said Helen as she gently stroked my hair. > However, I can not silence my homeroom teacher in advance. Teacher to tell my family atmosphere. And he responded to my complaints with the wise. Perhaps because I am intelligent and diligent, though a lunatic child; Towards complete primary school I asked him, "Teacher is a lunatic child may become a student ...! Course, of course, because human utnat same degree. The important thing is you should be diligent and patient. Insha Allah, the Lord would give way, "answered the teacher's heart good.
At this terbangkit more enthusiasm to attend school up to college. It was not thought of who would pay, and I still have a sister, and my mom just improvise for a living, which is sometimes not enough for everyday purposes. Especially after the announcement of the results EBTANAS, my number posted as the holder of the top ranking among all elementary schools in my town. I'm happy, but just enjoy myself because in the event of separation, I did not dare come out with friends the other to celebrate the festive feast.
I must know myself because my family are poor and destitute. I looked at the festive event of the garden behind the rotting windows and campang threadbare. I swear, will fight poverty by working whatever sekalah before continuing. So that day I walked around the TG to find a job. In a company building kantraktar I reprimanded aleh wrong searang mandarnya, "Huh. Small-small this is going to look for work. Why not just go to school?" I: biting his lip, In my heart I rebelled, "Who does not like to study? I want smart. Because That I want to work, in order to collect school fees later."
Mandar is still faced sangar. However, he was generous. I received working as a mason assistant in building a supermarket taka. Earn USD 1250 per day. Hatlku terhlbur although at that time my mother was three months work dlbawa uwakku to Jakarta. Sebagal reportedly waiter at his restaurant. Taka I built was standing with magnificent. As a mason assistant, I was proud to see the building supermarkets that sell a variety of stuff. However, sometimes I'm sad, too.
In the building come dripping sweat, and I felt a considerable contribution to the time the sun dl I worked as fast during the month of Ramadan. However, after the shit I can not come away with me to enjoy it because separated by differences in the way of life and identity are too far away. When I stood in front of him, as I stared at a tall mountain to climb impossible. Even so, I'm very happy because I have been able to prove to the world that I can be a real man. All that I told my mother after she returned from Jakarta a month later. My mother, too proud. That is why perhaps he allowed me to move to Jakarta, menggantlkan his job as a waitress at the diner uwakku belongs.
Mashaallah. Jakarta is really very amazing. That's the first impression I got off ketlka in Pulo Gadung bus station, after a slow journey and boring for nine hours. Endless clicked my mouth in astonishment, how in the world of dreams berhayal. Building skyscrapers vying with each other up, as if the earth no longer a foothold. And in fact it is. I just realized, Jakarta was too stuffy and crowded to breathe. Especially in the slum area in East Jakarta, where rice kiosks uwakku pavement .<><> But never mind, I was NOT care. Arrival in Jakarta not to have fun, but to extract energy and continue the school. That is my resolve. If NO because the intention was, which I have the heart to leave my mother at home with my sister who was a child?
It seems to be the servant NOT as easy as I imagined. I often make mistakes in serving customers. If it were so, then I know how to temper the village after becoming a big city dwellers. Uwakku often snapped with a rough sentence: "Fool you. No incompetent customer service." Oh, God. Is this uwakku himself, who in the famous village gentle and benevolent? No wonder she did not want to come to Jakarta again, and with the tears off my absence. It turned out that Jakarta was not seraman lights glittering. Luckily I have a place to complain the most serene, namely in the third prayer tahajud night.
The next day I was able to wake up refreshed. However, there is a sight that always bothered my composure, which is when kids in blue uniforms and white junior high school rushing toward each school in the morning, and, happily return to their homes dlsiang day. I was jealous and wanted to like them. Finally I could not resist the turmoil I feel. Frankly uwakku I tell if I knew he would be angry and think I do not know the uhtung. "What? School?" she said aloud. I was pounding. "Yes, Wak. I want to school," I said with a shudder ...
Uwakku looked sharp! and then said firmly, "In Jakarta, we have to work hard. Who was lazy, must be eliminated. That is why I often angry-angry with you, so you do not mushy." Yes Wak, "was all out of my mouth. However, the following words uwakku me terlongong-longong not believe." My ketekunanmu test. Because of that, I do not mind. Continue school, God willing, I will help the limited abilities. "Yes, Lord. It seems my suspicions to him that suspicion is unfounded. Uwakku villagers remained resilient and kind. I became ashamed of himself, and his promise not to waste dilimpahkannya belief that by working harder and studying diligently.
My reward as a waitress I've saved and saved. Others kukrimkan to the village to ease the burden on Mother who still bear the cost of my sister's school. Lebihrapi and maintained so that, I leave to Kang celenganku Dir, uwakku boy, who was like my brother already own. Without his consent I can not spend a dime. How bahagiaku moment because I was finally able to resume classes in junior high meskipunterpaksa private. Dir Kang's suggestion, I stopped by the shop uwakku, and is now trading asongan cigarettes. To increase income, I also delivered newspapers and magazines to some customers.
Fatigue that I lead a year. Learning while selling cigarettes to markets, to the terminals, even in the intersection-intersection. Often I saw my friend with a car delivered. The driver was buying cigarettes from me without knowing that the seller is a friend of his master's son. However, I still follow the teachings maslh mother, every night praying tahajud kecuall if asleep until morning.
Arrive times I've been waiting. Grade report card introduce division. Kang Dir act sebagal guardian, get that report card. Alhamdullllah. I went straight to do prostrations of gratitude that I saw my number unity dl ranked among junior high students lalnnya. Concerns and paid for pa-yahku efforts so far. Toward enter the third year, I was impressed by Mr Ustaz in speech welcoming New Year event in 1407 that Hljriyah moved from hljrah berartl life dilapidated old to new life full of hope. I was determined to migrate from the all-state left to a better atmosphere.
For that I want to trade a bigger, I happen to have the acquaintance of young men in Aceh who sells bath-tub, pan, and a variety of plastic goods. I expressed my interest to mengiukuti trail, he accepted with Ikhlas. I was given the opportunity to share investment. I agree after Kang Dir also supports that plan. I took out my savings, and I started to become small entrepreneurs. Apparently I'm spoiled by fate. Daganganku forward, the benefits fairly. I've been able to hire their own homes because the inherent purpose of bringing about my mother and sister to live together in Jakarta. I chose a place in Rawamangun as a strategic area to sell. Who's to know my mother also could trade anything.
Really lucky luck. My mother did not mind accompanying me to Jakarta. Similarly, my brother. Just a block up my mind was the fate of my father. He still continued to quiver with the lack of an increasingly become warasannya-so. However, what to say? lasudah not recognize her family anymore, he engrossed himself along with .<><> But, whether because it was suddenly sunny sky turned gray? As a result of the devaluation of the rupiah, daganganku not sell. That business had to stop them. Un-tung Kang Dir provide a way out. He had a cigarette and unemployed cart. He made me use it to sell. The advantage is not as big as before, but enough to finance the needs of the three of us, complete with school fees and my sister until I graduated from junior high school and my sister the next grade.
Actually I'm a little sad to see my brother's grades are too low. However, it was not as heavy sadness of my soul burden faced Dir Kang attitude, he was not as friendly as before. His face was dull. And I'm ketlka cost money to sign up for high school, he threw thunder in telinsaku. "Ali. The cart will sell cigarettes to pay the debt." It's just words. Brief, but painful.
So, what to do to connect hldup next? I begged his wisdom. However, he could not dlantarkan. The cart was forced to return the cigarettes. At the moment the two men were prone to come my friend. His name WSN and AFR. Check on their WSN dad took me to face the mempunyal orphanage and a boarding school outside the city. WSN father sincerely offered me to study and live in pesantren at no cost. My brother asked to stay in an orphanage in order to more thoroughly educated and disciplined. "Because, in matters of intelligence and science, we are not under the other nations. However, because no discipline, so we are always left behind." WSN's father said wisely.
I am grateful. This is the lesson Nabl apparently saw, ordered his people to strengthen Silaturrahmi because of the friends often have more than you love yourself. When I got home, my mom agreed to my intentions without wasting time, my brother will soon take you to the orphanage. I myself have started packing up to go to boarding school. I saw my mother do not cry, but her eyes wet, moist. I knew he was very sad. This is what causes I could not sleep all night. Would my heart to leave her alone in Jakarta, with many difficulties and shortcomings? Or does he have to kupulangkan to the village to witness the sad spectacle of her husband wandered into the crowd?
NO. I do not want smth-quiet at boarding school while my mother-heat berterik hawking wares. So what can business do? That impasse, suddenly came back a helping hand. This time from my friend the children of the rich: Hendi, Aris, and Nouvrlzal. They deliberately visited to offer valuable assistance. I was invited to stay at home parent who holds a number of Nouvrlzal another lodger who have trouble paying contract. One of them is Mr. Tri, the teacher himself. According Nouvri, I can take my mother as well.
I asked for time to think. Of course, after I delivered terlma inestimable love for their welded keikh to help. And when things ni kukemukakan to Mother, kellhatanya He does not agree. He said gently, "My son. It may be more secure in your life stay at home. Similarly, Mother, do not bother to trade around with inadequate results. However, to enjoy their own earned it greater wealth than other people riding . Intention they are sincere. And they were rewarded with glory. But we have no sin to menampiknya politely. "
Kubulatkan So my resolve to get up again. My brother was not so I brought to the orphanage. Not because he thinks it pantl care not capable of guaranteeing livelihood and education. No. I just can not bear to let go of my mother's love is still desperately needed. Also because my mother seemed to be so loved, exceeds himself. It proper since she separated from my father due to illness of his soul, he also had to be divorced from the heart of his heart?
However, with what effort I can overcome this crisis? From WHO I CAN get a clue? To get the answer I was praying in a prayer for longer tahajud. When the residents were asleep, I raised my hands up, begging his karunla overflow. The next day I came to Kang Dir however now changed his attitude to me. All complaints kesahku tell him. His heart bled, he let me use a cart on his cigarette, on the condition that, within two weeks have been providing as much money as USD 100,000, to pay its debts. I nodded even though I counted the remaining money tlnggal USD 45,000.00 after the cut to complete the daganganku.
Indeed I doubt, can I get the less within two weeks? Bismillah. I never retreat. I'm sure, with the struggle and truly test the patience to accept the Lord, His blessing door someday be open. Proved correct guess. The friend came embellished deficiencies that still Rp 55.000. With their pocket money, my friends after my high school was that contribute Rp 10.000,00, USD 15,000.00, and the like so that the cost of what I needed was already in my pocket.
I can now calmly selling cigarettes and some baranq needs other everyday. And with the profits I could pay for my brother, to extend the contract home, and school finance in the last class of a private high school. My mother no longer need to sweat. I've been able to cover all household needs. In fact, to my uncle in the village also send some money each month for the benefit of my father who was still floating in his own world.
Just who always put about my feelings, until now Kang Dir not collect the money wagon, and always refuse when I leave the grounds to those who have not yet come receivables. So, the cart still not be mine. Layakkah I keep using it? Or save Kang Dir other purpose? Lighten the burden, perhaps? Or ...? Ah, who would that be able to answer these doubts raguanku?